GazeCoin Review

The virtual reality revolution is upon us. Thousands of companies and millions of patents involving the immersive sense-based experience of virtual reality technology have marked a major transition in public interest. In the past year, there has been an increased public interest in the creation of unique VR experiences involving non-traditional visual and auditory experiences. Audiences are no longer captivated by the same roller coaster rides and jump scares which once dominated the market and public imagination.

Additionally, the natural movement of some businesses to the crypto-market means that even VR companies are beginning to jump onto the bandwagon. The ease of the creation of coins and cryptocurrencies means that companies can potentially generate their own economies, backed by actual value in their commodity, that keeps users coming back for more.

Merging both of these shifting industry standards into one service, and adding a few additional twists, successful ICO startup GazeCoin offers a unique VR experience to users with their own cryptocurrency—and investment opportunity still remains for hopeful and interested entrepreneurs and investors.

Still, though, ICOs have generated a somewhat controversial reputation in the cryptocurrency community because of the prevalence of various scams and hustles. This review will provide potential investors with the key points needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to become involved in this revolutionary VR company.

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What Does GazeCoin Do?

In simplest terms, Gazecoin allows their customers to purchase coins that can be exchanged for a plethora of unique virtual reality experiences involving a variety of partners. These ‘partners’ are incredibly important to the long-term business model of the company. Professionals like musicians and DJs can create their own little communities, rife with fans and VR experiences available for use.

As an example, imagine a DJ named “Two-Gamez.” Two-Gamez might choose to partner with GazeCoin in the generation of a series of VR experiences like tours, interactions, or musical adventures. The benefit here would be that the fans get a closer look at the life of their favorite artist through a unique, personal experience, and the artist gains an additional venue through which he can connect with his fan base.

The technical side of GazeCoin is also likely a major factor in its Initial Coin Offering’s shattering success. The company uses “patent-registered blockchain platform” to “measure by gaze/eye tracking.” The use of cryptocurrency’s backbone—the blockchain—is a unique spin on the old platform.

Invest In GazeCoin

More up-to-date information on the investment procedures for GazeCoin can be found on their home page. The company has provided ample information on the nature of their product, including a white paper and a one sheet.

A pre-sale is happening but is generally restricted to investors looking to dump more than $40,000 into the company.

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GazeCoin provides a unique platform to monetize the creation of VR content for partners and professionals alike. Capitalizing on both the public interest in unique and specialized virtual reality interactions and the industry shift towards blockchain technology, GazeCoin may well be the next big thing for virtual reality.

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