What Is GDPR Cash?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of laws that prevents the unauthorized distribution and usage of personal data. While GDPR laws are set to come into action before the end of this month (May 2018) the readiness of businesses to comply with these rules is still wanting. Once the law is implemented, non-compliant institutions will have to pay either 4% of their total turnover or €20 million, depending on which figure is higher.

The GDPR Cash project aims to address the issue of readiness amongst businesses. Fundamentally, it will fix the challenges such as insufficient info, inadequate time and resources, and the difficulty of identifying credible experts to upgrade the systems.

Ultimately, GDPR Cash intends to become an all-encompassing GDPR solutions provider. In this regard, this project will develop a learning program to educate investors on all aspects of GDPR. Moreover, it will provide all other services that are related to this new regulation measures.

Why Are Businesses Not Ready For GDPR Cash?

Lack Of Information

The official GDPR documentation has over 88 pages of legal jargon. Thus, it is impractical for an average businessman to read through such an intimidating document. As a result, these investors lack information about the basics of GDPR.

Inadequate Resources

To become GDPR-compliant, companies have to spend colossal amounts of money in upgrading their infrastructure. This leaves huge dent in the bank account. In some cases, firms are entirely incapable of raising the required funds.

Inability To Find Professional Help

A majority of businesspeople do not know where to look for GDPR experts. In some cases, they fall victim to scammers purporting to be GDPR gurus.

GDPR Cash Community & Marketplace Network Solution


This project will establish a marketplace where merchants can request for GDPR verification and receive help from certified GDPR experts. This platform is specifically designed for SMEs and upcoming online businesses.

All transactions will be validated using smart contacts. Therefore, funds will be temporarily held in escrow until both parties are satisfied with the end result of the transaction. After the completion of business, each party will get a digital certificate with a timestamp.


GDPR Cash is an ERC20 complaint utility token that acts as the native cryptocurrency of the GDPR platform.


Professionals will gain free entry into the GDPR cash ecosystem. In fact, they get bonus tokens upon registration. However, over time, this offer will end, and GDPR cash will start imposing registration fees on new experts.


The client base of GDPR cash comprise of website owners, mobile phones and every other aspect of online enterprises.


Using an interface provide on the GDPR marketplace, a business owner can ascertain the compliance status of their premises. This verification is done by experts with vast knowledge of the GDPR laws.

GDPR Cash GDPR Token ICO Details

GDPR cash will organize a crowdsale event where it will issue an unspecified number of GDPR cash tokens in exchange for investor funds. Nonetheless, the coins will be distributed as per the following criteria:

  • 1% – legal services
  • 9% – Team
  • 10% – marketing
  • 10% -experts
  • 10% – reserve
  • 60% – crowdsale

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