GECKO Governance

We have moved into an era where most investments are being carried out on the internet. It is all thanks to the technological advancements taking place around the world, which allows us to carry out transactions on a real-time basis. It has truly made life more comfortable in connecting with different individuals across the globe.

As technological advancements take place, this means new, and new projects keep popping up on our radar. Gecko Governance is one of these projects we are talking about. Read on to find out what this platform is all about.

What Is Gecko Governance?

GECKO Governance is a new RegTech fund management, and it is a regulatory solution that will allow the various users the ability to manage, schedule and even monitor their extensive portfolio. It is from the compliance requirements and the investment fund regulatory all in real time.

So the platform is able to give you, the user, the big picture. It is by providing you with a live Bird's eye view on all the fund's compliance requirements from just one dashboard. It is the first company that has been able to build a solution that will help in managing fund compliance.

Clients have been able to use the multi-award-winning technology in managing their fund compliance process plus the operational workflow. As a result, many fund companies are using GECKO in managing their AML/KYC, ODD Operation Due Diligence, the Investors onboarding, and Fund Launches.

A clear indication the company knows what they have gotten into.

The company has also gone further in offering unique integrated products, which helps in improving the operational efficiency of clients, compliance security, and the overall cost-effectiveness.

What GECKO Governance Blockchain RegTech Compliance Tool Does

The company is primarily your new workflow management tool that will help you in managing the regulatory and the governance compliance. So, you might be wondering how is this achieved? It is from the various products that they offer.

You Will Have A Verifiable Audit Trail –

The company has created a unique and independent verifiable audit trail that is available for all the Banking and Fund regulations.

Worldwide Compliance –

The company is able to assist in managing all the global agreements; this includes US (40 Act/CCAR), Europe (CP86), and Australia (Chapter 5C).

Offers RegTech Solution –

The company will provide the award-winning RegTech solution that is available for the financial industry.

There Is Office 365 Integration –

It is a seamless integration that will offer you live editing of the available documents across all the applications on Microsoft Office.

It Has A Real-Time Dashboard –

The company has designed the best in the real-time dashboard you can come across with one live centralized panel.

It is genuinely the compliance game changer as it has been made future proof for the compliance universe.

GECKO Governance Conclusion

Gecko Governance has truly understood the problem that was existing in the market, and they went ahead and established an easy to use platform that will provide the needed solution. Who wouldn’t want to manage all there regulatory and governance compliance on just one dashboard?

So from us, this is a definite yes, it is indeed the solution the financial industry was waiting for, if you are not taking advantage of this opportunity yet, then go ahead and try out their demo. We are sure this platform will blow your mind.

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