Much of the blockchain technology is relatively new and it’s hard to keep up with most o its developments. As of now, a new blockchain innovation is set to create a virtual blockchain to incorporate every type of data and task for data storage. The GectaHCP blockchain will come in handy for commercial and industrial purposes.

The platform intends to use GectaCoin as a form of currency for their data storage venture. The data storage capabilities will facilitate the storage of genetic data, process graphical data, and facilitate election voting. All these will be made possible through a decentralized process of information exchange between parties.

How Do You Get GectaCoin GCT?

One option to get your hands on GectaCoin is apparently through the Gecta mining pool. The GectaHCP blockchain apparently created this system to mine the tokens for the sake of functional reliability. The token generation is made possible through three consecutive programs which include the Gecta Mining Primary, Gecta Mining HPC, and Gecta Mining Distributed. These software tools are the main path to get the GectaCoin.

However, the installation process is a bit tricky. If a client wants to join the mining pool they have to connect a USB hardware to their device. The next thing is to install the mining software to connect to the pool automatically. The mining system assigns the device processors tasks which require mathematical computations.

The GectaHCP platform will also offer an affiliate program where the GectaCoin community can earn extra coins through bonuses and commissions. The program is as a result of a partnership with the information and records platform Synterium. The affiliate membership is set to include three packages with each earning the owner a higher income potential.

Gectacoin Big Data High-Performance Computing Red Flags

Although the GectaCoin project looks like a viable option, there are signs investors should take note off whenever making that venture decision. For starters, much of GectaCoin investment and affiliate programs point to a typical Ponzi scheme. Once an affiliate signs up, they have to invest in GectaCoin. That results from the Synterium platform offering a huge ROI within just twelve months. This is not a guarantee of any kind and not how the typical cryptocurrency works.

Additionally, the GectaCoin is run wholly by Synterium, which may make it a façade for a bigger scheme. While investors are racking money in financing GectaCoin, much of it might be going toward paying the affiliates. The Synterium platform also gets to control the value of GectaCoin, which is a turn off for most crypto investors.

The firm behind GectaCoin also instils less confidence in the whole project. There is very little information on the team working at Synterium apart from their apparent offices. The company would later fuse with Central Marketing Limited during the GectaCoin project to form E-Trade Hub.

Do I Join Gectacoin?

For any smart investor, the GectaCoin project raises suspicion with some of the elements. The GectaCoin appears as a private affair since the cryptocurrency is not publicly available. Additionally, the affiliate recruitment seems like the backbone of the whole project. Once it slows down, the system will be drained of funds. In the end, this will promote the collapse of ROI revenue and eventually the Synterium platform and GectaCoin. That is only speculation, however, take caution whenever dealing with such cryptocurrency projects.

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