What Is Geekzcode?

Geekzcode is a UK based online Ethureum based platform that brings together developers and their immediate consumers. Through the platform, individuals in need of various services such as App development and software get the convenience they need in the contracting process. Users access the services on the platform either as free or through a bounty system.

How Geekzcode GUT ICO Open Source Blockchain Downloads Works

Just like any other ICO, Geekzcode makes use of a utility token by the name Geekz Utility Tokens (GUT), to finance the completion of websites. Individuals interested in a given development place pledges on the decentralized blockchain system to ensure its completion.

The idea of this platform rests on the combination of the Github and Tron ideas under one ecosystem. All users get free access to secure navigation options as the site doesn't allow pop up ads. Once on the website, members get to download software, games and even Apps. The free membership guarantee users' access to open source downloads, participation in the site community forums, free creation and publishing of projects and donating to the bounty to have specific modifications of downloads to suit their needs.

Developers on the platform get the opportunity to receive a bounty and accept/ decline offers. In case they agree, they work on the specified changes or even come up with fresh developments. The classification of bounties includes public and private, with publicity benefits as the respective names suggest. All this is possible by the use of the Geekz utility tokens. The supply of tokens stands at 25,000,000, and the release takes place in stages (early ICO, final ICO, from team incentives and reserve fund)

Geekzcode Pros

The platform is a blockchain system, and it operates under a well-structured decentralized platform that is all-inclusive. Through this, there is security in all aspects of transactions and that of personal details. Also, the platform brings together various specialists and consumers from across the globe, which creates the right competitive edge thus better prices and services.

Additionally, the community forum exposes users to like-minded individuals that they can share ideas with and even borrow beneficial traits for personal and professional growth. There is also higher chances of partnership formation as people get to interact. On top of that, the professionalism brought about on the platform gives beginner developers the opportunity to showcase their work to the potential market, thus encouraging growth through gaining confidence.

Furthermore, since joining is free, users get the chance to explore the platform before deciding on whether they want to remain or leave. Through this, no one feels ripped off, and those staying on board tend to be serious and sure of what they want. There is also room for donation to public bounties that give developers the boost they need to come up with better developments.

Geekzcode Cons

Basing on our facts on the information available at the Geekzcode official website, the platform is for dedicated individuals with specific needs. Therefore, if you are not a technology enthusiast, then you might end up feeling out of place. However, there is so much room to learn if you are interested in learning and downloading some free Apps and games.

Overall, the site contains all the necessary information, and at a glance, you get an idea of what to expect.

Geekzcode Conclusion

With the rising demands on customized technological innovations, Geekzcode seems well prepared to offer solutions to such needs. The platform brings sanity to the market by providing open source software solutions on the secure blockchain system. And with various options of membership in place, it seems to cater for the needs of the diverse individuals, thus we are quite pleased with what it has to offer.

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