Gemini Exchange To Use Nasdaq's SMARTS Market Surveillance Technology

Some good news to crypto enthusiasts around the globe; Gemini is set to introduce one of the most widely used surveillance technology. The move is in line with the exchange’s commitment to ensuring that clients feel safe and secure as they trade. The technology is none other than Nasdaq’s SMART Market Surveillance.

What Is Nasdaq's SMARTS Surveillance Technology?

Trading requires rules which have to be adhered to at all times in order for the market to thrive. SMARTS Market Surveillance Technology will provide round the clock monitoring of the major digital currency pairs. Among the pairs covered included BTC/USD, BTC /ETH and ETH/USD. Gemini has also introduced Block Trading which will also fall under the SMARTS surveillance.

Another platform that will benefit from this advanced technology is the Gemini Auctions which play a major role in the determination of the Bitcoin (USD) futures contracts settlement price. These contracts trade in the Cboe’s CFE exchange . Having such advanced surveillance is a plus for Gemini exchange and place it ahead of the pack in the crypto space.

Gemini Exchange Rules-Based Approach

Adoption of SMARTS surveillance is among the various other things that the exchange has put in place to ensure that clients feel secure as they trade. Another feature of the exchange is the Information Sharing Management with the Cboe which allows for cross-surveillance. There’s also the rule of internal trading in line with material nonpublic information.

The exchange has in place rules that apply to all the stakeholders in this particular marketplace. In an effort to become a leader in the use of customized surveillance to create trading rules as well as give alerts on crypto assets, the exchange will utilize the Nasdaq Alert Development Environment. The addition of such an advanced functionality will allow Gemini Exchange to gain from Nasdaq’s traditional rules based approach in order to thrive in the crypto space.

The surveillance will be deployed over the next months and is sure to make a difference in the crypto assets marketplace. Let’s keep an eye on this development since it’s sure to give Gemini Exchange an edge in the ever changing crypto space.


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