What Is Gemstra?

Gemstra is a blockchain infrastructure that operates in liberating social selling, taking pride in being the largest gig economy of the future. The company’s mission is to ensure that social selling is made accessible to all and sundry. Social selling, also known as direct selling, makes use of the multi-level marketing model to reward people for influencing sales by promoting brands to their social networks.

In this regard, Gemstra has built a blockchain incorporated bionetwork called the ASTRA Platform, as well as a token system known as GMS Token. This is aimed at unlocking the social selling to the retail market at large. ASTRA is largely a smart contract stand that makes use of the innovative technology to ensure that data is secure with the sellers.

Gemstra therefore offers an open source software with the role of the GMS Tokens being to lessen the friction as ASTRA’s default exchange value. In many ways, the both the platform and the token will be the infrastructure and reward economy required for a capriciously huge marketplace.

Default Protocol For Social Selling

Over the next ten years, the social selling industry is expected to exceed one trillion dollars. The ASTRA Platform and the Gemstra Token seeks to democratize and unleash the potential of this gigantic industry. With Gemstra, the future of social selling is likely to become variably huge.

About The Blockchain Social Selling Astra Platform

ASTRA is established on a smart contract platform on the Ethereum ERC20 structure. It basically establishes an open bionetwork for societal marketing in which actors are in a position of defining how to network with each other via tailor made wages, gamification and credit prototypes. It also sets up an economy that offers each actor the liberty to decide on how to capitalize on their marketing prototypes.

Gemstra GMS Token & ICO Details

This is a convenience token that offers default exchange of worth and incentivizes societal marketing features of ASTRA. Products in ASTRA will be sold low-priced when remunerated with GMS than through other means. The platform continuously accumulates charges from ethereum or Dai denominated businesses. Additionally, a remuneration system offers worth to ASTRA consumers through GMS Tokens.

GMS is the default token that will be used by over 250 million social sellers to maintain freedom, increase value, and also raise their equity in the business. The token will be used for any transaction in lieu of fiat on the ASTRA platform, thus facilitating a reduction of friction, gamification and governance of the platform.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Gemstra tokens (GMS)
  • Price: $0.00385 per token
  • Token supply: 16,000,000,000 GMS
  • Soft cap: $3M
  • Hard cap: $18M
  • Sale pool: 40%
  • ICO Date: 9/1/18 – 11/30/18

Allocation Of Funds

  • Marketing and business development: 38%
  • Software development: 22%
  • Operational expenses: 18%
  • Reserves: 12%
  • Legal costs: 5%
  • Miscellaneous: 5%

The Gemstra Team

The team behind Gemstra is made up of serial entrepreneurs as well as operators with a desire to distribute value to real people. The whole team has a collective experience of 75 years in the consumer industry. They have a history in working in distribution, manufacturing, wholesale and retail consumer verticals.

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