The platform is the world’s first human genome focused blockchain technology. All of the different products and services on the platform are personalized. They are designed and base on your personal gene background. Not only that, but they are working to standardize the value of the human genome across the board. It will do this buy solving major issues that are in the industry of gene data. Some of the elements included are in areas like pricing, recording and storing every product based on the Gene Blockchain. The reason it’s important is because it’s the world’s first human genome blockchain is because people can finally enjoy benefits from real life gene assets.

How Does Gene Blockchain Work?

The platform is made up of some of the most advanced technology in the world. And they have adopted the HiSeq X Ten genome sequencing platform, and it just happens this is the most advanced of all of them. It is used to complete the construction of the human genome database in the first stage.

What Is The ICO On Gene Blockchain?

You can Join Gene BTC Token Sale at the company website. The ICO is currently in the official sale, and 1 ETH = 700 GBC. There is currently a little over 10 days left in the sale, so you still have time to get in if you’re interested at all. There is a powerful genome cloud analysis on the platform as well. And they have also created a series of software for the analysis of the complete human genome and even products that will be built on these data models in the near future.

The platform also uses the most advanced encryption system ever seen in the world. And the Asymmetric Encryption System is also applied to protect privacy of all the different Genome Data Sets. It can even solve the issues that occur when it comes to the advanced distribution key that must be operated with symmetric encryption.

The Gene Blockchain lab will also be built in different countries from every corner of the globe. They can link to different aspects like Disease, Entertainment, and even Social Networks.

Gene BlockChain In Conclusion

The platform has a goal of building the world’s largest human genome database. There is said to be more than 10 million copies being stored as of now. And with the new digital age future on its way, that will consist of a verifiable nature, Gene Blockchain Smart Contracts are applied to fix the problem that happens with fragmentation. It’s an un-standardized and incorrect pricing that is happening in the genetic data industry.

Now, Human Genome data will not be exclusively for governments or super high-tech organizations, with special privileges. But it will also be for everyday people, who can get specialized products that are based on their genome history.

And any companies involved will be able to create new drugs that are personalized to specific individuals, or new types of healthcare more beneficial to a certain genome family. They even plan on personalizing entertainment apps, customized leisure pans and social activities that will better satisfy a person’s needs depending on their background. All of this is said to happen with the Genome Blockchain Platform.

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