Genesis Bitcoin ATM

The Genesis Bitcoin ATM is a two-way ATM that lets you buy or sell bitcoins from a physical location. Find out everything you need to know about the Genesis Bitcoin ATM today in our review.

What Is Genesis Bitcoin ATM?

The Genesis Bitcoin ATM is a series of two different ATMs, including the company’s flagship Genesis1 (a two way ATM), and their Satoshi1 (a one or two way ATM).

The Satoshi1 is priced at $6,800, while the Genesis1 is priced at $14,500 (including shipping costs to the United States).

Overall, Genesis claims to be “the premier provider of autonomous vending solutions for the digital asset space”. The company’s official website describes how their machines “make cryptocurrency simple for everyone” with “no math degree required”.

All Genesis Bitcoin ATMs can be whitelabeled. Companies buy these ATMs, then place them in their business as a way to attract customers. According to data from, Genesis bitcoin ATMs can be found in liquor stores, firearms stores, gas stations, and dollar stores across the United States.

The bitcoin ATMs are designed to comply with all Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols. Customers can also add features like an optional fingerprint scanner, SMS verification, identification card reader, and an HD camera to help further abide by regulations.

Interestingly, the Genesis bitcoin ATMs support three different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Litecoin, and dogecoin. Typically, ATMs only support one currency.

The bill capacity of the Genesis1 bitcoin ATM is 2,200 notes (bill acceptor) or 1700 to 6800 notes (bill dispenser). Both are bank-grade systems.

Both bitcoin ATMs charge a fee of 1% of all transactions.

The Genesis1 (2-Way ATM) Features

The Genesis1 is the company’s flagship bitcoin ATM. Here are some of the core features:

  • Two-way ATM that allows for buying or selling of bitcoins
  • High capacity cash dispenser
  • Best in-class bill validator
  • Dedicated barcode scanner
  • Dedicated thermal printer
  • EMV card reader
  • Optional fingerprint reader
  • High definition camera
  • Electronic cash vault
  • White-label comes standard
  • 30” wide x 24” deep x 56” tall
  • Weighs 400 pounds
  • Priced at $14,500, including delivery to the United States

Satoshi1 (1 or 2-way ATM) Features

The Satoshi1 offers world-class hardware in a sleek, futuristic package. It’s significantly cheaper than the Genesis1.

Here are some of the core features:

  • 1 way or 2 way models available
  • Features a 21” screen
  • Best in-class bill validator
  • Dedicated barcode scanner
  • Dedicated thermal printer
  • Magnetic card reader (EMV is optional)
  • High definition camera
  • Optional fingerprint reader
  • Optional cash dispenser ($2,100)
  • Electronic locking system
  • White-label comes standard
  • 18” wide x 23” deep x 65” tall
  • Weighs 285 pounds
  • Priced at $6,800, including delivery to the United States.

About Genesis Coin, Inc.

Genesis Coin, Inc. is a bitcoin ATM distributor based in San Diego, California. The company was launched in May 2013. In 2014, the company announced its new model, the Satoshi1.

Genesis Coin, Inc. is led by President and CEO Evan Rose.

Genesis Bitcoin ATM Conclusion

Genesis is a bitcoin ATM manufacturer based in San Diego. The company makes two core models, including the Genesis1, their flagship model, as well as the Satoshi1, a cheaper model. The ATMs can be found at retail locations across the United States – including everywhere from firearms stores to grocery stores.

The company offers full whitelabeling on all its ATMs. Prices include shipping to the United States. The ATMs abide by all KYC/AML protocols, and feature advanced identification systems and bank-grade dispensing equipment.

You can learn more about the Genesis bitcoin ATM today by visiting the company online at

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  1. hello ! I interesting for try and buy the Genesis1 two way. The machine is for export to Spain, the comision fee is aplly ? open software is available ? is posible visit the factory ? Tank very much. Best Regards


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