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The desire to grow sources of income is typical of an adult in the modern world. People are always working to find new and stable ways to grow their wealth. For most people, this usually entails making various investments, thus leading to economic development.

Investment usually entails using funds to come up with projects and entire industries to get a new source of income. The models and forms of investment have evolved with the growth of technology. This has itself created new investment opportunities. However, the process remains the same; everyone is always trying to find new ways to obtain wealth.

As an investor, you are always risking your money, since you never know whether the idea will work or not. Thus, it is usually a matter of taking risks for a certain profit. Everyone is usually trying to grow his or her profit while keeping risk to a minimum. The Genesis project has taken into account all of these factors.

The Real Estate Sector

Real estate is historically one of the best ways for you to save wealth and make a reliable income. The issue of real estate investment is as old as civilization. However, real estate investment became even more popular with the onset of modern transport and urbanization. Everyone in the modern world recognizes the demand for land, for living and commercial purposes. The ability to quickly move from one place to the next makes it easy to invest in real estate almost anywhere.

The Current Situation

Until quite recently, investing in the commercial real estate to generate an income was not available to the members of the public. Making an income from rentals was the privilege of a select few people who were extremely wealthy. The price of the cheapest real estate is hundreds of thousands of euros, and it can reach millions at the high end.

This high entry barrier makes it hard for many people to invest in real estate. When an ordinary person risks that much money, there is a chance that the price may tumble, affecting their investment. A good example of this was the global recession of 2008. The recession was especially hard on real estate. It was especially bad for unprofessional investors who were trying their luck in real estate.

The Solution That Genesis Offers

To solve some of the issues in real estate, the project intends to come up with a multifunctional and multi-structural platform that is based on modern technology. The Genesis platform is not a service platform. It is an autonomous project with real assets and long-term goals.

It is going to create a unified real estate fund, which will be owned by the platform. It will ensure that all profits are distributed fairly to everyone. This project is going to bridge the gap between real estate and digital currencies. The ecosystem will be connecting with the world by listing the GES token. The platform will organize a one-time issue of one billion GES tokens.


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