Genesis Mines is a new crypto mining website that recently appeared online. Find out everything you need to know about “Genesis Mines International” today in our review.

What is Genesis Mines? claims to have created a “stunning, powerful and unique platform to generate your digital assets and make an easy growth.”

What does that awkwardly-worded sentence mean? I’m not really sure. However, seems to be selling some type of crypto mining packages.

There are numerous red flags about The website is filled with spelling mistakes (they call their trading channel a “tarding channel” at one point). The name of the website is also a red flag: Genesis Mining is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining operations. However, (the platform we’re reviewing today) has no connection to Genesis Mining whatsoever. It seems that the creators of are just “borrowing” the name.

Ultimately, seems like a blatant investment scheme. However, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Genesis Mines Work? describes itself as “the global leader” in digital asset management, or DAM. They claim to have created a proven approach to generating digital assets. The website is filled with other meaningless buzzwords designed to convince you that this is a legitimate investment opportunity.

The company doesn’t seem to sell any legitimate products or services. Instead, the company seems to be selling pyramid scheme memberships masquerading as crypto mining packages. You pay a membership fee to enter that pyramid scheme, and then you can make money down 5 levels by referring other people to the pyramid scheme.

The pyramid scheme functions like many other crypto HYIP scams we’ve seen online in recent months. The company promises to pay you returns of 3% per day, every day, for 60 days.

Obviously, guaranteed returns of 3% per day are impossible in any legitimate investment fund. They simply don’t exist in the real, legal world. When someone claims to pay you 3% per day for no apparent reason, it’s a 100% sign you’re being scammed.

In any case, here are the core features of

  • 3% per day ROI for 60 days
  • 5% commissions on level 1 referrals, 4% on level 2, 2% on level 3, 2% on level 4, and 2% on level 5
  • “Withdraw any time”

Cryptocurrency mining can be profitable when done correctly. However, no cryptocurrency mine in the world today is producing 3% ROI per day for investors. We have no evidence that anyone has ever been paid by, or that the company has successfully offered returns of 3% per day.

The website features a brief, low-quality video purportedly showing the company’s crypto mining operation in action. However, there’s no specific information about that mine – like its hashrate or its location.

Who’s Behind Genesis Mines?

One of the easiest ways to spot a bitcoin investment scam is when the team refuses to disclose any information about itself. As you might expect, has no information about its management team or operators. There’s no contact information, no office address, and no information about who’s running the company.

Typically, when someone asks you to invest money online, but refuses to tell you any information about themselves, it means you’re being scammed.

Genesis Mines Conclusion appears to be a bitcoin investment scam. The scam has no relation to Genesis Mining, one of the world’s largest crypto mining companies. Instead, they try to be taking advantage of Genesis Mining’s good name.

We see no reason to believe is a legitimate investment. The company doesn’t seem to offer any mining plans, products, or services. Instead, it’s a blatant pyramid scheme with a HYIP structure built into it. The scheme promises to pay you 3% returns per day with no risk whatsoever.

When someone promises you 3% returns per day, it means you’re being scammed 100% of the time. Don’t fall for It doesn’t appear to be a legitimate company in any way.

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