Genevieve is a venture capital on the blockchain. After recognizing the opportunity for small businesses to connect with a growing currency system, Genevieve brings cryptocurrency to small businesses and their communities. This, it does in two ways: Genevieve exchange (GXE), and Genevieve VC (GXVC). The platform offers equal access to funding for small businesses worldwide, focusing on emerging economies, new sectors, and new businesses. Genevieve cryptocurrencies offer the following utilities:

  • An investment tool
  • A payment method
  • Vector of economic growth

Genevieve GXVC ICO Details

Genevieve token sale started on January 20, 2018 with an offer of 62.5% GXVC. Out of this, 34.5% GXVC will be reserved for early-stage GXE investors who participated in the presale. Genevieve VC has a supply cap of 160 million tokens of which 3% will remain with the team. All GXVC attained through the token swap will remain locked until the end of the sale, which will be on February 25, 2018.

By adopting smart money principles, Genevieve seeks to fund business ventures globally to catalyze growth and offer GXVC as a medium of value exchange and as a storage of economic value. With such adoption and a limited token supply, there will be a boost in valuation premiums to further the investment capacity of the project. The investment returns generated from Genevieve will facilitate token buybacks, reduce the supply, and further inflate the price. The project is confident that the approaching token sale will facilitate the realization of their ambitions to build such an ecosystem. The company will distribute dividends quarterly to GXVC token holders.

The Genevieve Venture Capital Blockchain & Exchange Project

With the current systems, there is a limited access to funding for small enterprises in less economically developed and industrialized countries. Banks and other conventional lenders often charge higher interest premiums and use inappropriate loan assessment criteria to businesses in such localities. Similarly, Traditional venture capital organizations often employ stringent criteria, which small organizations rarely meet.

Geneviève VC:

GXVC is a venture capital cryptocurrency that offers exposure of equity to its owners. Token sale proceeds are injected as seed capital in to small businesses. Financial analysis assesses investment feasibility. Investment ventures are selected democratically from shortlist by token holders by way of Geneviève’s DAO. In the end, the company distributes the investment returns proportionally to all token holders as dividends on quarterly basis. GXVC ​will be tradable on the secondary market:

  • Growing companies start-ups
  • In a growing area and sector
  • Healthy debt to equity ratio
  • Clear and trusted management

Geneviève Exchange:

Investment ventures are tokenized onto the Ethereum blockchain following token sale fundraising campaigns. Thereafter, venture tokens become tradable on Geneviève’s token exchange. Listing fees are payable in GXE; this coupled with trading transaction fees facilitates quarterly dividend payments to token holders. GXE will be tradable on the secondary market.

Genevieve Conclusion

Geneviève’s goal is to invest ethically in up to 150 small businesses, by the end of first quarter, 2018. Such ambitions are highly correlated with token valuation. Investment lengths will vary from 6 months to 24 months, and​​ this​​ will​​ be​​ determined​​ by​​ Geneviève’s​​ proprietary​​ investment​​ program.

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