The biotech industry is faced with many challenges among them counterfeiting, quality assurance, and lack of research transparency. Despite these challenges, there is the profound commercial potential of biotechnology.

Many states and international companies have made great investments in research and development of life sciences and technology. Modern biotechnology can be used to make the production of existing medicines relatively cheap and easy.

The traditional interactions in the biotech market can also be induced by use of modern technologies that will allow for smoother operations between retailers, producers, and consumers and the provision of detailed immutable data and transparency of research.


Genexi is set to provide a holistic solution in terms of transparency and comprehensive blockchain based ecosystem in the biotech industry. With the Genexi platform, biotech startups and projects will gain access to financial and advisory support to establish and scale up their production.

Once distributors become part of the Genexi platform, they will be able to provide their services and build lasting networks with vendors. Regular customers will gain access to complete and immutable data products.

Additionally, third party service providers will also offer support to the community participants. Genexi platform will use the unique blockchain solution throughout the entire supply chain management process to be able to fight drug counterfeit and quality manipulation ensuring transparency at every level.

GENEXI Decentralized Biotech Projects Token Advantages

Some of the advantages offered by the Genexi platform include:

Sharing Economy

The use of blockchain technology allows for the automation that minimizes the exposure of data to the human factor, intermediaries, and bureaucracy. Business will be more transparent and reliable.

Blockchain unlocks the sharing economy by making it cheaper to create and operate an online platform. This leads to growing trust credit between partners. Transactions can now be done by use of smart contracts or performed at lower costs by competing providers.


Serialization is a response to piracy, counterfeit, and the use of drugs as currency. Governments and pharmaceutical companies believe that counterfeiting can be reduced by-product serialization. Serialization needs an integrated system that monitors the passage of prescription drugs through the entire supply chain.


Improving accountability among the industry participants and regulators is important. It promotes transparency in the clinical trials research process, funding and contributions, trial registration, and the analysis of clinical data.

The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency. This is because records, trial reports, and results can be tracked and the analysis data can be stored on the public ledger, which will result to immutability and accessibility by the industrial players.

GENEXI GEN Token ICO Details

The Gen token is based on the Ethereum platform. It users will use it in the following ways:

  • Gain right for specific access to the platform
  • They will use it as a medium of exchange within the Genexi ecosystem
  • It will be used as the rewards for the user’s loyalty via the bonus program
  • It will be used to transfer value between distribution chain partners

Token Details

  • priced at 1 GEN=$0.01.
  • $20,000,000 as the soft cap
  • $70,000,000 as the hard cap
  • Payment options BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, DSH, LTC, B2B, and USDT.

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