GG Word's Global Blockchain Lottery Set To Launch GCC Crypto Token

The GG World Lottery project is a platform that aims to revolutionize the world of lottery gaming. This is to be achieved by introducing for the first time ever, a blockchain based lottery which aims to merge old-school lottery world with advanced crypto technology.

According to the company, the current lottery system is moribund. The need to address this as well as the tendency for fraud and absence of transparency gives the rise to this new platform.

How GG Word's Global Blockchain Lottery Works

Given that lottery is one of the most thriving, gambling practices in the world, the GG World Lottery intends to outdo its predecessor, the existing lottery industry by revamping the old processes. These include eliminating current lottery hardware such as tickets, ticket dispensers, terminals, scanners, monitors and communication routers. Instead, GG World will employ blockchain technology which will function on users' mobile devices.

This process eliminates not only ensures transparency and a fair incorrupt system, by barring fraudsters and manipulators, as the platform enables users play the lottery right from their homes. It will also provide access across the globe to less developed markets, such as Africa.

The GG World Lottery model is devised to depict security and transparency, ease-of-use and accessibility. One of the tools it exploits to ensure fairness is the efficient and reliable TRNG technology, derived from Quantis True Random Generator, which in turn is approved by globally recognized authorities.

Interestingly, this effort veers off from government monopoly and encourages competition. Although the project is regulated by law, it is designed to benefit all stakeholders. Profits will be shared along the jurisdictions where the lotteries are in operation. Also, a large part of the said profits will be disbursed to charities to aid underserved regions.

GG World Lottery says that it is prepared for the task ahead, backed by a team of professionals with diverse areas of experience, and an advanced framework for blockchain technology application never before seen in the lottery industry which guarantees fairness and transparency and a platform to reach aspiring users globally.

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