What Is GGRocket?

The GGRocket has been designed as the Escrow for in-game trading. A product that has been cleverly designed by the in gaming trading community. The GGT is the tool you should be using in your next in-gaming trading experience as it has been specially designed to avoid the common scams that take place in the online gaming market.

How GGRocket EOS Blockchain In-Game Escrow Service Works

At the moment there are over 500 million game players you can find in the market. And each is trading among each other to get the real money. As a result, the Game currency and the virtual goods being traded are able to boost services.

The GGRocket has developed an automatic escrow service that has used the EOS blockchain technology, the concept of machine learning and gaming the big data algorithms. The company’s product development team has also gone ahead to elaborate the open source software.

From here they have been able to engage the top players in the market, traders and also the community members in the online gaming world to get on the platform. And from this, the company has witnessed over 12 million transactions taking place.

GGRocket Benefits

The platform has been able to bring about various desirable benefits that any gamer would want to take advantage of. As a customer you are able to enjoy 100% scam protection on each online trading you do, with such high levels of security put in place your game trading experience will definitely be enjoyable.

But the platform does not only benefit the customers as the resellers have something to gain. The platform has been designed with an automated process that is used in settling any disputes that might arise. Conflicts that might result from the completed transactions on the platform and even the vendor payment binding arbitration.

The company has also gone a step ahead by offering a universal currency that can be used for the in trading transactions that will take place between all the trading platforms that are present. And for all these amazing features there is only a commission fee of 0.5% for the GGT transactions.

GGRocket GGT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: GGT
  • Token Sale Date: August 2018
  • Token Price: $ 0,10 in BTC or ETH
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000
  • Hard Cap: 15,000,000

GGRocket Conclusion

But this is not all as there is a team of experts and also an advisory board behind this company, the best of the best have been put together to ensure that all this is a success for all the participants on the platform. So if you are in the online gaming industry as a player or a business, this is a platform you should look into, as it has various benefits that will be worth exploiting.

Go ahead and explore the site and get familiar with what they have to offer you.

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