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Recently, the demand for organic food has intensified, reaching its highest point in the last decade. The industry, which previously underwent a drastic nosedive, is slowly picking up as consumers shift towards natural products. This trend transcends beyond fruits and vegetables, as organic greens, fish, and dairy products are also gaining popularity among shoppers. The primary reason behind this the numerous benefits the organic products have, particularly on human health.

Typically, organic greens are grown without modern agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and genetic modifications (GMO). Moreover, upon harvesting the organic products are not processed using preservatives or industrial solvents. Often, these chemicals are associated with adverse effects on human health.

Microgreens are vastly superior nutritionally to their mature counterparts, despite taking only 10 days to be ready. These greens are rich in minerals and vitamins as well as antioxidants. Besides nutrients, organic greens can also be used to make salads.

Undoubtedly, the demand for organic greens will remain sustainable forever. Eventually, a need to cultivate the microgreens in personal homes will arise. Grun Haus Maschinen intends to launch a mass production of GHM agro-automated appliances for personal homes. This move will significantly simplify the cultivation process. Consequently, families will enjoy both health and economic benefits, as the greens will provide nutrients while saving on expenses.

The Grun Haus Maschinen Agro Tech Solution

The GHM device is meant for indoor uses; hence, it does not require soil or natural sunlight. Instead, plants rely on low-energy LEDs for photosynthesis and get nutrients from the enriched water on which they grow. Despite being heavily criticized for being energy-incentive, the GHM appliance leverages low-energy bulbs and pumping infrastructure that take up a measly 0.85kW on a daily basis; significantly lower than a coffee maker’s power consumption.

Advantages Of The GHM Agro Tech Appliance

  • Productivity – LED bulbs typically consume lees power as compared to halogen and high-pressure sodium alternatives. Thus, LED lights are substantially more efficient.
  • Less Heat – due to low power consumption rates, LED bulbs are usually cooler than other variants.
  • Long-life bulbs – LED bulbs are renowned for their incredibly long life; usually lasting 50,000 hours. Therefore, the GHM appliance would require lamp change after roughly 11 years.
  • Easy to use – all the user has to do is to add water to the reservoir, pick a cultivation regime and switch on the GHM device. Since it is fully automated, it takes care of all other aspects, including pH balancing.

GHM Business Plan

As mentioned earlier, GHM intends to facilitate the mass production of its agro tech appliance. To realize this goal, the commonly will conduct an ICO crowdfunding event. The product launch is set to occur in May 2018. After the inauguration, GHM will focus on marketing its services across the globe, starting with snow-stricken Scandinavian countries and Siberia.

The GHM Token

This is the utility token to be issued during the GHM ICO. The total supply of GHM tokens is 88,000 GHM, each with a value equivalent to 0.085 ETH.

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