Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Launches Crowdvilla (CRV) Token on GBX Grid

Crowdvilla Gets Approval for its Token to Launch on GBX Grid

Crowdvilla is a startup firm who is based on a Blockchain platform and it aims to give an easy access to the real estate ownership across the globe. Crowdvilla token is launching its GBX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange’s) which is popularly known as GBX Grid.

Crowdvilla’s Introduction

A non-profit community-driven startup whose function is to merge the assets with the Blockchain technology so that it can be of more worth. Apart from the assets Crowdvilla also shares the portfolio of hotels and holiday properties on the Blockchain network. Crowdvilla uses their resources to acquire properties so that it can be shared with others.

Crowdvilla’s Third Token Launch On GBX Grid

ERC20 is the third token that has launched on the GBX Grid. This company is based out of Singapore and has set goals for achieving profits and aims of becoming a world-leading institutional token sale platform and also digital asset exchange. This company is following the Blockchain technology to overpower its competitors and set a benchmark all across the globe. is the sponsor for Crowdvilla, is the one stop solution to all the problem related to ICO solutions and is globally recognized. Both of the company’s team member has worked together to redefine the advisory services and GBX listing process so that the company can run efficiently in future.

So for the customers who all are interested in buying the Crowdvilla token sale will have to first open an account on the GBX Grid and also they have to deposit some money as a fund before they can start using the token sale. There is a sign-up process on the GBX Grid and the users need to get their KYC process done ASAP in order to avail the facility. The date for the token sale is yet to be announced.

About Crowdvilla

A Singapore based non-profit firm, which is focusing on Blockchain technology and its function is to provide and share holiday homes to its users all across the globe. It has a smart contract with Reidao, which is a real estate company and they worked together. Darvin Kurniawan is the co-founder of Crowdvilla.


It is the main supplier and provider for ICO solutions all across the globe. Its function is to provide the solutions to the companies to launch their ICO in the most efficient manner using the Blockchain technology. They have a dedicated team set up to provide a solution with their immense talents and expertise in the industry. Also, they are a sponsor for (GBX) to be a leading institutional-grade token sale platform and crypto exchange.

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