GID Coin: The World’s First Cryptocoin Covered By Gold Bullion And Diamonds

This crypto coin will be covered by real assets, which will be insured and secured in vaults of reputable banks globally. The value of this coin will be independent of any centralized decisions of governments. The value of this coin will also grow continuously or remain stable even during hard economic times.

What Is GID Coin?

The GID coin is an international crypto coin that is covered by two valuable assets: Gold and diamonds. This coin is powered and backed by the blockchain. This coin is a hybrid token that can be used for payment and as an asset. The company will have its headquarters in Switzerland. It is going to operate according to the guidelines set forth by FINMA.

GID Coin Diamonds & Gold Cryptocurrency Project Ideal

The company has set its sight on two major objectives. The first is the purchase of polished diamonds and gold bullion. They will organize the process from miners and producers to ensure that from the onset they use less money and earn a huge profit.

GID Coin GID Token ICO Details

At the ICO launch, the GID Coins will sell at about $20. However, the price may vary at the crowdsale due to changes in the exchange rate.

Investors in the pre-ICO will get GIDE coins during the pre-launch. This can later be converted to GID coins when the company secures enough gold bullion and polished diamonds. The GIDE tokens will be placed on a new blockchain and converted to GID in the ration of 1:1.

  • Pre-sale: Live Now
  • End date: June 18, 2018
  • GIDe Coins on sale: 2,500,000
  • Discount: 30%
  • There is also an airdrop for those that register for it on the GID coin site.
  • The ICO Soft Cap: 40,000,000 USD.
  • If less than this amount is raised, all investors will have their money refunded to them.
  • The ICO Hard Cap: 490,000,000 USD
  • The GIDE tokens will be released once the ICO ends, which will be about a month after the ICO is over.

Use Of The Funds

20% of funds collected will be used to purchase the diamonds and gold bullion. The other 70% will be utilized for production, which will entail:

The Diamonds

  • The purchase of rough diamond from the mine or mining of diamonds
  • Polishing the mined diamonds
  • Earning GIA and HRD certification
  • Insuring the purchased diamonds
  • Placing the diamonds in a vault

The Gold

  • Purchasing raw gold from the mining site or mining the gold
  • Refinement of the mined gold
  • Certifying the gold
  • Insuring the gold bars
  • Placing the gold bullion inside a vault

The other method they could use will take place in two stages. First, they will purchase rough diamonds from Africa, Canada, or Russia. These will then be exported to a gold refinery or cutting workshop. They will then be placed in a vault.

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