Have you been obtaining a high return on investment with your cryptocurrency investments? Bitcoin is at an all-time high now, so there is a lot of investors who are really happy. When you are obtaining so much profit, why not donate a small fraction of it to the people in need?

Unfortunately, there are not many ways to use cryptocurrency for charity, so how would you do that? Transfer your Bitcoin to fiat money and then donate it? Would you really know where the money is going? This is something that stops many people from donating. Luckily, we will review a company called Giftcoin which might just be the answer to your problems.

What Is GiftCoin?

Giftcoin is a cryptocurrency that will be especially used for donations. The main objective of the company is to help the people in need using blockchain technology as a way to make donations even more easy for people to do.

Many companies offer you the opportunity to help people in need, but Giftcoin wants to offer more than that. The company wants to offer a wide selection of trusted charity organizations with precise tracking of your money and low commision to make even more people donate their money to good causes.

How Does GiftCoin Work?

The app converts small sums of money, the money that will be the leftover from your spendings into Giftcoin so you can use it to donate it and make a difference without actually having to spend your money. The money will be separated while you are making purchases and you will not even feel that you are, in fact, donating it.

The company will utilize smart contracts to be completely transparent about who is receiving the donations. This will encourage more users to actually donate, as this is something that really stops many people from donating their money.

You will acquire tokens and then you will be able to donate to the institution that you want and track the money to see if it was used as you were told that it would be. All these processes were developed to encourage people to donate more money and help important causes that they care about.

How To Invest In GiftCoin?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their GIFT tokens during the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). There is a pre-ICO happening on January 12 that will last about a month. To participate, you will have to register your interest with the company before the actual pre-ICO starts, as it is not a public sale yet. There is no date set for the main ICO yet.

During the ICO, you will be able to acquire GIFT tokens using either Bitcoin or Ethereum and 1 ETH will be the equivalent of 900.00 GIFT tokens. To know when the main ICO will happen, be sure to check our blog often, as we will probably have the information for you.

The GiftCoin Conclusion

Is this the right investment for you? If you are really interested in charity, yes, Giftcoin can be a nice company for you. There are not many start-up companies that are interested in charity, so this can be a one-time chance for you to invest in one of them and help them help the people in need later.

There is also a very profitable side in investing in this company, as their site has no red flags and it looks like a very good company, so you will probably get excellent financial returns for investing in this company right now.

Feel free to invest in Giftcoin if that is what you want and good luck on your investments.

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