GIG9 ICO (9Coin Token)

The Gig9 platform is a new blockchain project aiming at revolutionizing the $2 trillion global services industry. GIG9, according to the project developers, is “The future of the global services industry, reimagined on the Ethereum blockchain technology. GIG9’s revolutionary platform will be first of its kind to promoting a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace, controlled independently by the market participants.”

On the company website, the developers also say that their ICO is centered on “straightforward and uncomplicated connectivity between the customer and the service provider which, in turn, creates the fairest, and the most transparent and efficient service marketplace based purely on smart contracts.”

In a nutshell, Gig9 is a Dapp that enables users to find trusted service providers in their locality with a few taps on their mobile device. Very similar to the Uber model in construct and application, Gig9 ties geo-location and mobile devices in with smart contracts that record and govern contractual fulfillment and service history.

Greater price transparency and lower costs for all parties are the most upfront benefits, apart from the convenience enabled for consumers. Users can also accept or issue cryptocurrency in transacting on the platform.

The Gig9 Dapp offer has married a token issue, GPS mapping technology, a trustless payment system, a digital wallet and will also generate a global fraternity where users can vet service providers for others to note. At the time of writing, the pre-ICO is scheduled to start in 10 days.

The company website has extensive details of market analyses, including a Financial Valuation Report that contains information about the Gig9 business and financial calculations. A detailed whitepaper is also available for download.

Why Is Gig9 Better?

Organizations, associations, businesses and individual consumers are all users of the global service industry. While outfits like Uber and others have a very specific focus, Gig9 is unashamedly gargantuan in its aspirations to provide an end-to-end platform where any entity can find and commission any service anywhere on earth.

What Is Gig9’s oOffer?

The Gig9 offer is a blockchain-based app with all attendant frills, plus other community bonuses like ongoing market analysis for investors, greater transparency in service provision and the reduction of intermediaries and ultimately costs for all parties.

How Does GIG9 Work?

A blockchain-based app, Gig9 works by geo-mapping any mobile device user and connecting them to a database of relevant service providers. With a few taps on a phone, users can access service providers within their locale and that meet their needs. Employing a “Provider Navigation System” also allows Gig9 users to track their commissioned provider, eliminating the frustrations of delays and miscommunications.

Who Comprises The Gig9 Team?

Clearly some time in the formulation, the GIG9 ICO (9Coin Token) is surrounded by a host of players both within the service industries of the globe and others with diverse expertise. The lengthy list of those involved reads as follows:

Misha Malik (Ceo and Founder), Cedric Loyens (Investor Relations), Denis Muraviev (Internet of Things (IOT) Consultant), Frederik Metz (Technical & Smart Contracts), Malik Ali (Fintech Consultant), David Jaquete (Crowd Funding Consultant) and Ily Maisanda (Regtech & Compliance). other contributors include Sebastian Louwaege (Business Strategy) and, on the Executive Team, John Fisher (Chief Strategic Officer), Jimmy Lee (Blockchain Developer) and Vitor Lourenço (Marketing Strategy).

Where Is Gig9 Based?

Gig9 is the brainchild of several Oxford University graduates and it is essentially a British company, although details of incorporation are not listed on their site.

When Did Gig9 Commence Operations And What Is The Timeline For The ICO?

Gig9 doesn’t list much company information on their site, in spite of the extensive information available, and it is presumed to be a 2018 startup. The GIG9 ICO (9Coin Token) will start officially on April 5, 2018 with a limited whitelist pre-sale for users who have registered. The initial offering will carry up to 36 percent bonus for users who buy tokens at the outset.

Potential Risks

Although highly unlikely, as the offer has been developed and tailored to provide an improved user experience for all parties, the single greatest risk that Gig9 faces is poor uptake of the offer. Even a modest uptake, however, will allow the company to maintain it’s projected returns to investors.

Other risks include an array of me-too apps following in its wake that erode Gig9’s market share, as well as the need to maintain the mammoth technological structures and human hours required to render the app seamless for all users across the globe.

Growth Potential

Gig9’s growth potential is remarkably large, on a par with world-sweepers like Google and even Microsoft. If the company maintains its development and marketing strategies, their potential market is every adult human alive today, at least those with a smartphone – a massive potential client base.

GIG9 ICO (9Coin Token) Conclusion

The Gig9 app has the potential to revolutionize the world of service providers and their clients’ world too, enabling next-level and comprehensive service provision in a whole new way. As a blockchain application, it has the capacity and working savvy to be employed by anyone anywhere, something few businesses can say about their products.

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  1. On behalf of GIG9, I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for your kind review on our platform. Truly is an honour for you to offer some insight into our platform and once again, we are filled with gratitude.

    Please allow me to address some of the concerns you had.

    Basic Overview

    • There are many freelance platforms who have the same principal. But we’re different. Our main goal is to connect local communities like never before in terms of skill sharing (like plumbing, legal advice, designing) and lending hands (picking up groceries, fixing a broken table, etc).
    • As you know, this is the brainchild of 8 Oxford University alumni. This idea was challenged and deliberated on thoroughly before involving other experts and advisors.
    • Opportunities created for everyone, by everyone. This opens a world of opportunities.
    • So, if you have a skill to share, however ordinary or extraordinary or are even willing to lend a hand, you can register to GIG9.
    • Our goal is to be the main player when it comes providing opportunities for people. In the case of customers, we want to give them peace knowing that they don’t have to worry about getting a job done.

    Our Competition

    • We actually have a focus… empowering local service providers and their communities.
    • Also, we are the only platform that is actively campaigning for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES irrespective of age, gender, background and physical ability!

    Marketing / Exposure

    • We have already attended many blockchain-based events around the world already. Details on our Facebook page.
    • Founder & CEO, Misha Malik was invited to speak at Imperial College London’s exclusive event “Blockchain: Hero or Hype?”
    • Preparing for the upcoming Business Show London 2018 on the 16th and 17th of May.
    • Will be published by the Oxford University as a success story.
    • Signed a contract with European Sports Media where we will be at various cricket and rugby matches all over the UK.
    • Talking to governmental bodies and organisations.
    • Have gotten some interest from IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, a few government sectors and more!

    Company information

    • You can view our incorporation certificate on our website.
    • In addition to that, we have a collection of documents for users to have a detailed look at everything they need to know about GIG. This includes:
    o Whitepaper
    o Technical Paper
    o Valuation Report
    o FAQs
    o One-pager in both English and German
    o Instructions for Contributions Manual on the website

    Development Team

    • Because of our team, we will be launching ahead of schedule.
    • Our platform has been tested and approved regarding our geo-mapping technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning and will be launched this month
    • We will be inviting service providers to register from June onwards where we shall use the upcoming 6 months to work on our database.
    • Working on the blockchain for our platform for the next 3-4 months.
    • This will allow GIG9 to be live early 2019 which, again, will be ahead of schedule!

    Once again, truly thankful for your review and hope to get an update review on GIG9 sometime in the future.

    Looking forward to more of your amazing content. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected]

    Thank you.


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