What is Giga Giving?

Giga Giving is a new platform that uses Blockchain technology to improve the way people can donate to charities around the world. Because everyday millions of people make donations, the problem is they have no idea where these donations end up and how much of their donation is actually used. Charity fraud is said to be a major problem with one out of three people stating that they don’t trust charities they’ve used.

Benevolence, philanthropy and altruism are all words that have been used to describe fundamental desire for helping people. Most people want to genuinely help other people. However, businesses, organizations, fund raisers and merchants as well as charities must work together to improve the way the system works. There is a need for more people to work together to find a more efficient solution that will address the situation in a growing world.

How Does Giga Giving Work?

Giga Giving is the innovative vision to use the most reliable blockchain technology to create a platform that is said to change the way charities operate. The Giga Giving Platform is being built that will help people make donations with security and privacy. They will also work with campaign organizations and fundraisers to create completely transparent way for people to donate and ensure their money is being used correctly.

The purpose is to hold those organizations that people donate to accountable. But also, to help connect people with the right charities so their donations go further, cost less and are easier to make. Giga Giving is based on the belief that people should know exactly where all their money is going, that donating shouldn’t be opaque and donators should have the right to know exactly how their money is being spent to help other people. This is said to help improve the efficiency of managing charities with new-age technology. They have the following goals at Giga Giving:

  • Restore Trust
  • Merchant Involvement
  • Radical Transparency
  • Fundraising
  • Build Global Communities
  • Reduce Waste and Fraud
  • Peer to Peer Donations
  • Donor Engagement
  • Peer to Peer Donations
  • Employee Giving
  • Charity On the Chain

They decided to use Blockchain technology because of the rapid growth of the technology on a global scale. Many organizations today are leveraging the power of the powerful new concept as a way to help charities grow. The difference is Giga Giving is giving a platform for both donors and recipients, one that is completely transparent and designed to make foundations accountable.

It is said to be the solution that will address the different inefficient charities and fraud that is happening as well as help donations be used the way they are supposed to be. And they will work with minimal transactions costs. Modern blockchain technologies are now on a global scale and Giga Giving is using them accordingly.

What is the ICO on Giga Giving?

The ICO Has already begun, but I was unable to see exactly what the ICO was. It will likely appear soon since its such a new company. But people need to make sure that everything is operating correctly prior to making any massive investments into the company.

Who is Behind Giga Giving?

The team is composed of people who collectively have more than 50 years’ experience in different areas of technology and healthcare. They are also specialized in software development and surveillance solutions as well as cloud computing. John Gross is one of the managing partners. And Mark Phillips is one of the managing partners as well. Jeremy McKee is the Director of Engineering. Together they form the upper echelon of the organization.

Giga Giving in Conclusion

The solution is designed for charity work. It will give people a level of security for their donations and a way for them to track where every dollar is spent. Not only that, but they will also connect the right people with the right charities. If they are able to do everything as promised, then Giga Giving is going to be a great company that could potentially change a lot of lives and the way that the world operates. Of course, it’s still a new company but hopefully will be everything that is promised and more.

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