The reliance on multiple third-party verification systems and transfer service for payment is the entire complex problem facing the financial sector. However, innovations are threatening to eliminate the need for these third entities.

Gigapound is an upcoming venture at the core of this technological evolution with their cryptographically secure bank structure. Gigapound intends to use the innovation to popularize the use of cryptocurrencies while also improving the quality of the banking industry.

What Is Gigapound?

Gigapound is a fintech venture looking to provide users with a blockchain-based network, cryptocurrency, and banking system that will enable users to save, transfer and develop their financial investments without losing value. With the use of intermediaries proving slow and cumbersome, Gigapound seeks to apply their venture to reduce and potentially eliminate the settlement times that are typical with our traditional systems.

Gigapound Features

Gigapound Token-

Gigapound provide for a token that will facilitate transactions within the banking ecosystem with its price is to work under a demand-supply mechanism. Therefore if the demand increase, the cost of GP token will also increase. However, when the demand decreases, the GP token price remains static.

Gigapound Banks-

Gigapound banks are the organization working with the ecosystem, and users get to also invest in them and receive a profitable return depending on each of the bank's terms.

How Gigapound Cryptocurrency Banking System Network Works

Gigapound operates under a credit system to fund and sustain its financial ecosystem. To get a hold of the credit Gigapound users will need to buy small amounts of loans from the network's trade section. A large number of credits are available through the dashboard and buyers of such quantity should expect a bonus.

Once with the credits, users can now invest or transact through the Gigapound banks. The member will only need to send the credits to the banks and from there they can now start their transactions. During withdrawals, Gigapound will ensure the amount includes the earnings for the user. (10%-50%)

Gigapound Benefits

  • The Gigapound banks offer users an earning bonus that can reach 25% for every year and 2% for every month
  • The credits value also increase at a rate of 10% a year
  • There is a bonus system for purchasing credits with the layout taking the following structure
  • 1000 credits= 10%
  • 2000 credits= 15%
  • 3000 credits= 20%
  • 4000 credits= 25%
  • There is potential for the cryptocurrency to gain value once the project picks up
  • The Gigapound token comes with a free e-wallet
  • Gigapound provides for a referral system where each user earn 8% of each transaction within the network

Gigapound GPI Token ICO Details

Gigapound is yet to officially communicate any particulars regarding their token sale details but do plan to do so in the coming future.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker symbol- GPl
  • Accepts- USD
  • Hard cap- 10,000 USD
  • Price- 1 GP=0.485 USD
  • Token supply- 20,000,000,000 GP
  • Minimum investment- 10,000 GP
  • Maximum investment- 2,000,000 GP

Token Distribution

  • 1st week – 35.0%
  • 2nd week- 30.0%
  • End of ICO- 25.0%

Gigapound Conclusion

The Gigapound looks like a potentially risky project since they are no evidence to substantiate its existent or whoever is behind the project's conception. To simply put it, it is not a worthy project to waste your investment on since there is purely nothing to show.

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