Gigzi Blockchain And IriTech Partner To Create

Blockchain technology has established itself as the default platform for storing wealth. Blockchain enthusiasts claim that the platform provides a higher level of security than most conventional systems. Following this, Gigzi is looking forward to improve the technology’s security features and advance them to another level. Gigzi, in their press release said that they have established a strategic partnership with Iritech with an aim of developing a biometric security system for decentralized applications (Dapps).

What Is Gigzi?

Gigzi is a finance platform that is built on the distributed ledger technology. According to the firm’s website, it offers a unique method of wealth protection. In addition to such security, the firm gives its users an opportunity to invest in their metal crypto-assets that can be redeemed for other precious metals. In a nutshell, the company provides a platform that users can store their virtual assets with minimal risk.

Biometric Security Feature For Advanced Level Secure Account Access

The partner IriTech boasts of being the top-notch provider of biometric security solutions. The partnership according to a press statement from the two, seeks to expand the boundaries of blockchain technology. The two companies plan to maximize on the features of IriTech biometrics and develop an iris recognition tool to add an extra layer of security to virtual accounts’ access.

This solution will be called Gigzi Iris, and seeks to set a new benchmark in the protection of Dapps. FindBiometrics, a news agency, reported that the firms will develop a counterfeit iris detection component. This tool will effectively prevent fraudsters who go out of their way to steal other people’s identities and wealth. The statement further says that the tool will also have video cameras cable of scanning the iris. These cameras will operate in different environments including in darkness, with light and can even scan through spectacles. The tool will operate on PCs and laptops. IriTech is actually already making good progress with this project having began it about 11 months ago.

Gigzi To Boost The New Technology

Gigzi Chief Executive Officer (CEO), El Asmar, while speaking about this project said that this solution will give a significant boost to security. He praises the solution saying that is wonderful in all aspects. The CEO believes that the solution will provide unmatched security in the crypto industry.

Currently, biometric security solutions are among the best in the market. Iris scanning biometric tool works by scanning the unique patterns inside the iris. The iris is the colored circle inside the human eye. The tool verifies and confirms users’ identities with utmost precision and only authenticates access to your account once it matches your pattern with its database.

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