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The cryptocurrency market is an extremely fast growing ecosystem that presents traders around the world with the opportunity to generate a significant amount of profit in a short amount of time. There are now more than 1,300 different cryptocurrencies in existence, which are traded over more than 700 different marketplaces.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency now sits at over $200 billion, presenting an extremely broad spectrum of trading opportunities. Savvy, fast-moving traders are now able to capitalize on a variety of different aspects of digital currency, such as the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, to open and exit far more positions than are available in the traditional forex market.

Day trading on the cryptocurrency market, however, is an entirely different beast than traditional forex markets. Cryptocurrency trading is incredibly fast-paced, which has led to the development of a new breed of trading tools and softwares that allow traders to optimize their strategy.

Not every automated trading platform available on the market today is effective, intelligent, or even profitable. There are many different scams online today that aim to target individuals seeking a “guaranteed win” via automated trading software, so it’s important to assess all trading software carefully.

A new upcoming initial coin offering is aiming to provide traders with a highly efficient, reliable, customizable, and flexible trading suite that makes crypto trading as simple as possible. Gimmer is a suite of algorithmic trading bots designed to make fast-paced crypto trading easy for everybody.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Gimmer platform and find out what it plans to deliver, as well as assess the upcoming Gimmer ICO, to help you determine whether it’s worth investing in.

What Is Gimmer?

Gimmer is focused on providing crypto traders with a range of programmable, easy to use trading bots that don't require advanced programming knowledge or experience to use. The Gimmer solution doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies from users, and is ideal for beginner, intermediate, or even advanced cryptocurrency investors that don’t have the time to observe market movements all day.

Automated trading bots are known for being extremely complex. In order to effectively create a suite of reliable and profitable trading bots, it’s necessary to have a solid understanding of a number of different programming languages, as well as a large amount of trading experience.

The Gimmer platform, however, requires no experience to get started with, and is set to help expand the cryptocurrency market by removing the barriers to entry that stand between newer crypto investors and high frequency trading.

The trading bot solutions offered by Gimmer are designed to help traders earn while they sleep or relax, eliminating endless chart analysis and functioning on a 24/7 basis. Interestingly, Gimmer also plans to integrate a social element into their platform that allows traders to learn from each other and share trading strategy insights.

How Gimmer Works

The Gimmer platform is based on an automated crypto trading decentralized app, which allows for the creation of advanced trading strategies via a simple, user friendly point and click interface. The platform supports multi-currency crypto trading, presenting traders with the ability to select multiple currency pairs for bots to trade automatically.

Gimmer also makes it possible to rent trading strategies from a bot store, allowing users to browse a range of different trading strategies and assess their efficacy, with both Gimmer-created and user-created strategies available for rent and review.

The customization options presented by the Gimmer bot designed allows for unlimited variance in strategy, providing traders with the option to choose from a vast list of indicators and safeties to create highly effective trading strategies.

The Gimmer ICO

The Gimmer ecosystem will operate on Gimmer Tokens, called GMR. These tokens will facilitate the purchase or rental of trading strategies or bots, and will also function as a method of reward or exchange.

GMR can be used to pay for the rental of crypto trading bots, customize trading strategies, and can even be earned by creating content in the integrated Gimmer social network. Here are the details surrounding the GMR Token Sale:

  • Major changes:
    • Maximum token supply: 110,000,000 GMR
    • Available in token sale: 100,000,000 GMR
    • Available in presale: 15,000,000 GMR
  • Soft cap
    • 4,800 ETH
  • Presale Hard cap
    • 4,800 ETH
  • Total Token Sale Hard cap
    • 35,000 ETH
  • Exchange rate
    • 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR (+bonus)
  • Minimum contribution
    • Presale minimum: 30 ETH
    • Public token sale minimum: 0.1 ETH
  • Presale Token Bonus
    • 3,000 ETH and above will receive +40% Bonus GMR Tokens.
    • 300 ETH to 2,999 ETH will receive +30% Bonus GMR Tokens.
    • 30 ETH to 299 ETH will receive +25% Bonus GMR Tokens.
  • Public Token Sale Bonus
    • Week 1: +20% Bonus GMR Tokens
    • Week 2: +15% Bonus GMR Tokens
    • Week 3: +10% Bonus GMR Tokens
    • Week 4: +5% Bonus GMR Tokens
  • Dates
    • Presale: 17th January 2018 to 31st January 2018
    • Public Token Sale: 1st February 2018 to 28th February 2018

Grimmer Conclusion

The Gimmer platform is set to revolutionize the way in which trading bots are created and used, and could potentially create a diverse range of new and innovative trading strategies. If you’re interested in participating in the creation of a highly effective new trading bot platform, Gimmer is definitely worth a closer look.

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