Gamers around the world, rejoice! There is a special gamer network out there where you can purchase tokens as a method of investment. The cryptocurrency craze has finally reached the gamer market. Imagine a platform with dozens of different tools to help connect gamers across the world. Gizer strives to do exactly that. It gives you the ability to create multiple events, such as tournaments, in minutes. Looking for a tournament or a LAN party in the area? Gizer is here to help by showing you nearby tournaments in a matter of seconds. This platform is truly unique and is specifically tailored for any gamer.

About Gizer

Let’s take a look at some basic information about Gizer:

  • Launched in September 2017 on the App Store
  • Minimum Contribution: .01 ETH
  • Maximum Contribution: 3,333 ETH
  • PreSale Period is Oct. 20th to Oct. 30th
  • Payment Method: Ethereum
  • Official Website:
  • Sale Website:

Gizer Investment Plans

There are three different ways that you can invest into Gizer at the given moment. The first way is through SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens), which will result in a 20% discount. You can only participate in Gizer SAFT if you are an accredited investor and your net worth exceeds $1M. This method of investment accepts both USD and ETH and can be done by filling out a form on SAFT Launch.

The second method is through a whitelist form which you can utilize to invest before October 20th, which will be hard capped at $1M USD. Keep in mind that only ETH is accepted for this investment method.

The last way to invest into Gizer is through their token presale, which will be held on the SAFT Launch site. This presale will occur on October 20th, and it is recommended for you to register on SAFT Launch as soon as possible. Furthermore, you will need to pass KYC (Know Your Customer) on the site in order to be able to invest into Gizer.

Gizer Benefits

There are a ton of different benefits that separate Gizer from other platforms:

  • Ability To Create & Host Events
  • Offer Services To Other Members
  • Group Chat Access
  • Automated Bracket System
  • Build Competitive Teams
  • Find Sponsors

How To Reach Out

Besides reaching out through social media platforms, the best way to get in contact with Gizer is through email. You can also go to the Gizer website and fill out an online contact form to get connected.

Gizer Conclusion

The Gizer platform seems to have many of the tools that gamers are looking for these days. There are many other communication platforms specifically designed to connect players together, but none of them have as many different tools as Gizer does. Every gamer has a mobile device, and the fact that this platform is designed for your phone is a fantastic opportunity to eliminate the need to ALT+TAB to report tournament wins or losses, meaning that you won’t have to leave your game just to get in touch. There is true potential here, and all we need is proper marketing and a few investors.

Note: We want you to know we are a safe haven for all bitcoin & cryptocurrency multipliers, tumblers, mixers, mining pools and HYIPs – if any bitcoin scam has happened regarding this program, please let us know in the comments as our internal investigation is still ongoing.


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