An Honest Review Of GLEDOS

GLEDOS, which is also referred to as Global Education Solution is one that has been based on the blockchain technology. It was developed to answer to the rising demand for the ever-growing tailor-made and the relevant on-demand education that is developed for the modern age. The platform was established to ensure it provides the various users a place to learn with education pathways, the leading algorithms leading the AI recommended all this.


The platform will allow all individuals to learn all they would want about anything they would like. The Micro-credentials and the Nano-degrees offer the students and also working professionals alike with the necessary skills to bulk up their resumes with the relevant field-specific skills and relevant knowledge.

It is a single platform that will allow you to learn. GLEDOS aims to revolutionize the educations system by merely bringing tailored learning to the users who really need it. What makes the platform different is because it is accommodating for all this is whether you are a first-time student or you are a continuing one, or merely a lifelong learner.

The company has ensured they connect a wide range of content providers both who have formal or non-formal learning needs. The platform also allows the creation of education programs that have been designed to meet the needs of the employers, increase the rate of employment, and in return, this should improve the standard of living for each.

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How Does Gledos Work?

The first thing that you would do if interested in this amazing opportunity is select the most relevant programs from the pool of fantastic programs they have selected for their users. The second step is the ability to assemble the best combination of courses you would like to explore according to your current needs and also interest. Once you have acquired the needed skills and knowledge, the next thing is earning your degree and add it to your resume.

Acquiring additional skills has never been this easy, it is from high tech courses, marketing to even retail, they have ensured there is something to offer all their users. A platform that will help you in getting the job that you want. The blockchain technology has brought about several desirable benefits to this education platform.

With the platform backed by the blockchain technology you are able to gain an achievement record, a smart contract is also established to ensure you only pay for what you have consumed, nothing more. Once you are complete with your courses, you get a certification.

Gledos Platform Conclusion

GLEDOS has established a platform that will allow every individual to access the best education thanks to the micro learning that will help you in acquiring the top class nano degrees that you could add to your resumes. Additional skill sets that will make your resume attractive. But this is not all as you are able to acquire the GLX tokens.

If you are interested in purchasing tokens, for 1 Ethereum you will getthe corresponding amount for the GLX Tokens. It will be recalculated based on the exchange rate of the Ethereum on that day that you provide this contribution. So go ahead and be part of the change that is taking place in the education system.

Gledos ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: GLX
  • Token Price: $0.20 USD
  • Total Tokens Minted: 180 Million
  • Total Supply: 108 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: $3.5 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: $18.5 Million USD

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