Glidera Wallet Rebrands As Kraken Direct Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency users may be familiar with the American Bitcoin brokerage company called Glidera. This service has recently been rebranded as Kraken Direct. Glidera was founded in Chicago three years ago and achieved rapid success.

Within the first year of operation, Glidera was integrated into ten of the most popular Bitcoin wallets. Kraken, which is a large Bitcoin brokerage service, acquired Glidera during this time period allowing them access to the platforms powerful clearinghouse technology and software.

Kraken is better able to offer Americans faster trades using Gildera’s software and technology. Cryptocurrency traders may be a bit confused with the merger since the Glidera website and branding is still active and accessible online despite the merger with Kraken nearly twelve months ago.

Glidera Service Offerings

Glidera operates as a Bitcoin broker not a wallet meaning the platform does not store bitcoins or money and simply works to facilitate trades. Currently Glidera services are only available to US citizens and operate with US dollars. Because Kraken operates in a wider range of currencies it appears that Glidera will also expand to users in other areas of the world in the future but details are not clear.

Users of Glidera must use a valid bank account to purchase bitcoins and must provide multiple sources of identification hen setting up an account to prevent money laundering. Cryptocurrency users will appreciate and that all wallet services are accepted for sending and receiving bitcoins through the Glidera service platform.

Furthermore, Glidera offers a profit sharing scheme for software developers and programmers who use their exchange services helping experts focus on software development over complicated financial regulations. Glidera’s software is definitely the greatest feature of this brokerage service and helps support some of the most difficult components of bitcoin based cryptocurrency.

Glidera Review

Software developers will appreciate the opportunity provided by Glidera to help them improve their software offerings while still following cryptocurrency regulations. However, traders should probably wait to get involved into the merger between Glidera and Kraken has been finalized.

The long timeframe of this merger makes it seem as through the offerings may be limited and other platforms and services may be worth pursuing. This is especially true for bitcoin users located outside of the US who are not US citizens. These users will need to seek out similar brokerage services tailored to their needs of operating in non-US currency.

Interested users can learn more about the Glidera Kraken merger as well as the future of this brokerage company by visiting The website is easy to navigate and looks approachable for beginners to the cryptocurrency field. That being said caution is advised against jumping into the Glidera platform before the true benefits of the parent company Kraken are seen and implemented.

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