Global Alliance Merchants Blockchain (GAMB) & GMB Tokens By Gambio

What Is Global Alliance Merchants Blockchain GAMB?

The Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain, also known as GAMB or Gambio, was created to face the challenge of the centralization of economic power by companies like Amazon, Apple and Facebook. By creating its own decentralized marketplace, which can grant to the people who work there real power instead of the big companies that monopolize the market.

In this new marketplace created by the Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain, the only decision makers are the people who are invested in the market, not the suits. The members, which is, the token holders of the company, will define the rules of the marketplace.

They will make smart contracts that will have transparency and define the rules of this marketplace. This way, there is going to be a continuous sustainability of the market and a space of considerably more trust is created. This way, the Gambio intends to be a solution to decentralize the e-commerce business.

How Is Behind GAMB?

The executive team of the Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain (GAMB) is made of Luis Krug (Chief Executive Officer), Andre Munnich (Chief Financial Officer), Emrah Hizarci (Chief Technology Officer).

Some of other important personnel of the company are Daniel Schnadt (managing director of GAMB GMBH), Nonito Capuno (managing director of Gambio GMBH), Denis Scheller (business development Gambio Services AG), Alexandrois Tselegidis (development), Marco Bruchmann (partner management), Mario Blokland (development), Michael Kronke (team leader), Mirko Janssen (development).

Moritz Bunjes (development), Ronald Loyko (development). Sergej Krohnhardt (customizing), Stephanie Bruchmann (support), Thomas Balde (telephone support), Till Tepelmann (support), Timo Backhaus (development), Tobias Link (customizing), Torben Wark (development), Ursula Seifert (customizing) and Wilken Haase (partner management) are other important member of the technical team.

The company’s advisors are Katalin Tischhauser, Eric G. Sarasin, Franki Bodin, Dr. Luka Muller, Alexander Shulgin, Dr. Felix Hoetzinger, Matthias Hunecke and Dr. Cornelius Boersch.

How Global Alliance Merchants Blockchain Works

This platform reunited online merchants who are interested in decentralizing their marketplace. By using the platform, they can get extra traffic on their websites, optimized SEO and governance over their own marketplace.

Some other features of the platform are a buyer protection that has full coverage, insights about the market that can help the user to find more people to the market.

The first version of the website will be launched in the second quarter of 2018 and the API will be launched at the beginning of 2019, along with the new platform for the marketplace.

GAMB GMB Token ICO Details

The company will be selling GMB tokens, which are utility tokens to be used on the platform, to create its marketplace. Each token will cost 0.0002 ETH with a total supply of 5,000,000,000 GMB tokens. The soft cap is $5 million USD and the hard cap is $30 million USD.

A total of 35% of the GMB tokens will be sold on the public sale, while 27% will be used on marketing and development, 13% on operations, 10% on marketing, 10% will go to the team and 5% to advisors.

  • Symbol: GMB
  • Total supply: 5,000,000,000 GMB
  • Adjustable: No. Tokens unsold are shared pro rata among contributors
  • Retail Rate: 1 GMB = 0.0002 ETH
  • Soft Cap: $5 million
  • Hard Cap: $30 million

Global Alliance Merchants GAMB Conclusion

The Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain, or Gambio, is a very interesting new platform for the people who are looking for a new decentralized marketplace that can give new opportunities to people who are looking to expand their business without centralization.

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