Global Bitmax

There are so many different ways to make money online. One of those ways is through gift giving matrices like Global Bitmax. Global Bitmax is the latest matrix system you can join online. The site claims that Global Bitmax is different than other matrix systems and how they have taken measures to make sure their system doesn't stall.

However, the site doesn't go into much detail on how they are so different. The state that you can receive text ads and banners as well as other means of advertising your product and brand on their site. But the advertising is separate than the actual matrix and isn't different than other matrix sites.

So, it would seem the real question to ask is who is behind Global Bitmax? What makes them so special? And should you sign up?

What Is Global Bitmax?

According to, was registered on March 3, 2017, and updated on May 19, 2017. The registered owner of the site is set to private. However, when you do a little digging you will discover the owner of Global Bitmax is Mauro Mangibin.

Mr. Mangibin stated on his social media account that he created his first ever matrix/cycler and how it is in pre-launch.

Mr. Mangibin is located in France and has also been promoting other sites other than just Global Bitmax. Some of the other sites he is associated with are Platinum World Team Build, GladiaCoin, and Bitcoin Builder.

Global Bitmax Products

The site doesn't offer any retail products or services. You get ‘ad credits' to use on the site to promote your business and brand. However, those credits are standard and come with all the memberships. The only real thing that an affiliate can promote is the membership and opportunity to Global Bitmax.

Global Bitmax Opportunity

The site simply states that it is a matrix system, but there is actually two way to make money from Global Bitmax. The first of course is the matrix which is set up as a 3×2 cycler. The matrix starts with the new affiliate listed at the top of the matrix.

From there they are required to find three people to sign up directly below them and build their downline. With the system, there are only 9 positions available and with a cost of only $10 to start, it seems simple to make money.

The system continues with new matrix systems ‘unlocked' as positions fill up. With each new matrix, there is a new price tag to participate.

The second way you can earn is through the referral program. For every person, you recruit, you get paid $1. With this referral program, an affiliate can make around $20 in residual commissions when all 12 positions in the 3×2 matrix are filled.

Global Bitmax Verdict

Global Bitmax never explains how it is so different than every other matrix system on the internet today. Everything seems like a rerun of a site that has been done before. You have the ad credits, you have the referral commissions, and you have the system.

Everything here has been done before so when the site states they have a system in place to ensure the site won’t stall, there isn’t anything there.

When it comes to the owner of the site, it is a bit strange that you would have to dig to find information about him. The fact that there is no information on the site or registration seems to give the impression that he doesn’t want to be known.  Either way, if a company isn’t straight forward with who owns the site, you should steer clear.

Granted if you still want to give the matrix a shot, go for it. It only costs $10 to join and who knows, you could make money with it. People who have a downline in place already and have people lined up to sign up to sites like this usually make the most. If you have to build your downline though, you may find it difficult to find recruits.

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