In an announcement made by Global Blockchain Technologies Corp., it appears that the firm will be looking into proof-of-concept (PoC). More specifically, bringing it into the cloud services sector.

The PoC is highly appreciated by the likes of Uber and Airbnb, as it promotes the “sharing economy model”. In particular, its uses are believed to bring together those who have excess computing means with those who are lacking it. Ultimately, allowing the two parties involved to make exchanges amongst themselves – eliminating any source of wastage.

As for the foundation of the PoC, Global Blockchain decided it would be appropriate to build it on the Laser network (Laser). The decision to do so was based on the fact that Laser Network works in a similar manner like that of the SWIFT system, which has been known for its increased traceability. In addition to Laser Network’s indirect involvement, Global Blockchain will be working alongside HPE to explore and rate the works of PoC through several trials.

After the test runs have concluded, the results will be used to endorse a project called the Stratus Marketplace, which will be created as an open-source, peer-to-peer storage platform that will rid traditional storage systems. However, this is something that is projected to occur later in the quarter, with no confirmations to date.

Bill Philbin, HPE Senior Vice President and CTO, shared his thoughts on the collaboration between HPE and Global Blockchain. He believes that Global Blockchain’s goal of providing PoC will help consumers turn to efficient approaches when dealing with excess resources. In particular, he stated that,

“The goal of the POC network is to demonstrate how a user can monetize under-utilized storage assets by supplying to the network with minimal disruption.”

To add to Philbin’s statement, the CEO and President of Global Blockchain, Shidan Gouran had a few words of his own to share. Gouran explicitly stated that PoC can help expand enterprise cloud services and will bring in more business. He also believes that,

“With computing resources becoming increasingly in-demand… the ability to buy and sell excess capacity will revolutionize enterprise IT.”

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