AmmbrTech’s Blackbird Wallet To Support Laser Photon Tokens

Luxembourg-based AmmbrTech has agreed that it will provide support for the Laser Network’s Photon token on Blackbird, its cryptocurrency hard wallet, as announced by Global Blockchain Technologies Corp.

Blackbird is unique as a hard wallet solution because it is completely air-gapped, meaning that it operates in isolation from possibly unsecure networks such as the public internet, preventing it from being vulnerable to attacks from keyloggers or viruses. Additionally, it is smaller in size than a credit card, and it offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface that is easy to use.

“We are very excited to have compatibility with the Blackbird wallet,” said Shidan Gouran – President and CEO of BLOC. “Investors whose dealings are in the millions or billions of dollars have been hesitant to have any involvement with cryptocurrencies for the simple reason that most exchange and storage methods on the market are not very secure, with new vulnerabilities being found all the time.

“Blackbird offers remarkable advantages in terms of security, which will be of interest to big-league investors. Since it will support Laser’s Photon token, such investors will comfortably be in a position to benefit from the Photon token’s abilities, with secure storage that is effectively bulletproof, Shidan added.

The Photon token is the proprietary cryptocurrency of the Laser Network, which acts as a SWIFT-like network for the hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market today. It is already set to be the operating cryptocurrency of several of BLOC’s ventures – including the Stratus Marketplace.

While the Photon will be a widely-used cryptocurrency based on its own merits as an asset, its compatibility with Blackbird will strengthen Photon’s value proposition. Further, this compatibility will place the Photon into an elite class of cryptocurrencies that can be secured with military-grade technology such as that of Blackbird.

With many overlaps between the Laser Network’s functionality and AmmbrTech’s product portfolio, additional future collaborations between the two companies are likely to happen, to leverage their combined strengths. AmmbrTech’s Chief Executive and Founder, Derick Smith added,

“Global Blockchain is making great advances with Laser that will transform blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Supporting the Photon on Blackbird will commence a dynamic relationship between our companies and their customers. Laser Network users will have the security of Blackbird, Blackbird users will have the exceptional abilities of Laser’s Photon tokens, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem will be strengthened overall as a result.”

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