Global Crypto Bank

Have you ever heard of the Global Crypto Bank? This is only another one of several companies having ICOs at the moment. There are so many companies raising money for ICOs that is very hard to keep track of all of them. Because of this, we review these companies daily so we can inform our readers about the best companies to invest on.

What Is Global Crypto Bank?

Founded by professionals with a background in cryptocurrency and finance, the Global Crypto Bank is a company formed with the objective of creating an easy way to make online transactions and overcome the structural problems that physical banks often face.

This company wants to find solutions to linking cryptocurrency to credit cards and ways to avoid fraud. This company plans to solve, on a global scale, all the problems related to the use and integration between fiat and cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way with low cost of services.

With the services promised by the Global Crypto Bank, a user could really integrate and use their currency independently of in which currency it would be. For this, the company aims to create a system that allows its users to use their bank cards in any ATMs or systems like MasterCard or Visa around the world.

How Does Global Crypto Bank Work?

Global Crypto Bank intends to use the money raised in their ICO to build their company. First, they’ll register the bank in Switzerland and then go through all the necessary steps to validate their BIC/SWIFT code and install all the necessary process to issue their cards.

The service will provide its users with the elimination of annoyances that physical banks often offer its clients, like charging for transactions of long periods of waiting for licenses. Also, Global Crypto Bank wants to be a wallet for cryptocurrency and an independent payment system.

How To invest In Global Crypto Bank

To invest in Global Crypto Bank, you have to buy their tokens during the ICO and the pre-ICO. At the time of this report, the pre-ICO was going on and it lasts until November 18. You can buy 1 BANK, their cryptocurrency for 1 USD or 0.003 ETH.

If you buy during the pre-ICO, you can receive bonuses that vary from 35% on the first day to 30% in the last week of the pre-ICO.

The BANK tokens are going to be only issued during the ICO and they will only be exchanged between their owners later. Annually, the owners of BANK tokens will receive their share in the profit of the company. 50% of the profit will be divided between the people that invested during the ICO.

Global Crypto Bank Verdict

The Global Crypto Bank is definitely an ambitious company. With their global reach and their plan to work worldwide, they seem like an interesting bet to invest in. The service offered by the Global Crypto Bank also seems interesting enough for its users, so it’s sure to have a good range of clients.

So, if you want to invest in a robust crypto company, Global Crypto Bank seems like an interesting choice.


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