Global Dynamic Marketing 2

Global Dynamic Marketing is a multilevel marketing “revshare” program (i.e. a Ponzi scheme) that recently relaunched as a bitcoin-based investment opportunity. Here’s our review.

What Is Global Dynamic Marketing 2?

Global Dynamic Marketing, found online at, describes itself as “the biggest bitcoin investment program of 2017.”

The platform launched as Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 on July 6, 2017, after its previous Ponzi scheme, the original Global Dynamic Marketing, collapsed.

The original Global Dynamic Marketing was based on a “revshare” program. When someone in the multilevel marketing industry says the word “revshare” to you, they’re talking about a Ponzi scheme. It’s just a nicer term for a classic investment scheme, Ponzi scheme, or pyramid scheme.

Overall, Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 claims to have “the most innovative compensation system on the market” and claims to be hugely successful already. Unfortunately, it’s one big scam. In fact, the country of Austria has already issued an official investment warning against the company.

How Does Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 Work?

Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 claims to pay users in three different ways, including:

  • Unilevel Bonuses: Become an affiliate and get 10% commissions from your partners.
  • Promo Packs: You pay a fee of $25 USD to $250,000, then repay that fee every 120 days while convincing other people to pay the fee to join your downline.
  • Pool Levels: The platform has 6 pool levels and promises to pay affiliates $10,000 per month through its pools system.

Overall, Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 seems to be a blatant pyramid scheme. The company has no products or services. There’s no reason for the company to exist or make money aside from its membership fees. The company calls its investments “promo packs”, but in reality, these are just monthly membership fees that you’re paying to be active in the pyramid scheme.

All withdrawals are done in bitcoin, although deposits are done in USD.

Ultimately, Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 seems identical to other pyramid schemes you can find online today. You pay a $25 per month fee to stay active in the company, then convince other people to pay that fee. There are no products or services – it’s just a straight-up scam.

How Did The Original Global Dynamic Marketing Work?

Today, the original Global Dynamic Marketing website ( is parked in maintenance mode. The original website launched in June 2016, and the platform was active throughout the second half of 2016.

Apparently, the original Global Dynamic Marketing collapsed, which is why the management team launched GDM 2.0.

GDM1 also focused on the cryptocurrency space. The company launched a cryptocurrency called Centauri Coin. In reality, that currency was just part of a Ponzi scheme. There was no evidence the currency was based on real blockchain technology, and Centauri Coins (CTX) had no value outside of the platform.

Later, Global Dynamic Marketing rebooted its Centauri Coin as the “CTX Line”, which included the launch of a publicly trade-able currency called Centauri Coin (CTX).

Today, the CTX line website redirects to a scammy online gaming website, so we’re led to believe the scheme collapses.

About Global Dynamic Marketing

The corporate name of Global Dynamic Marketing is GDM Internet Solution QSTP-LLC. The company lists an address in the Qatar Science & Technology Park in Doha, Qatar.

Both the original and new version of Global Dynamic Marketing, as well as the Centauri Coin scam, are run by Michael Sander. Sander is originally from Germany, but currently lives in Dubai. He’s best known in the multilevel marketing community for running the notorious Obtainer Online platform, which was known for promoting scams and Ponzi schemes across the internet.

As our friends at have pointed out, Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 “appears to be a reboot of CTX line, this time using bitcoin instead of Centurion Coin…If we include the original Global Dynamic Marketing somewhere between Global Dynamic and CTX Line, Global Dynamic Marketing v2.0 is Sander’s fourth attempt at launching a Ponzi scheme.”

Ultimately, Sanders appears to be a notorious scam artist with a history of trying – and failing – to launch successful pyramid schemes. Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 does not appear to be any different from previous efforts.

Global Dynamic Marketing Conclusion

Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 is a blatant and obvious scam, launched by a notorious scam artist. The GDM 2.0 scam is so obvious that Austria’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority issued an official investment warning against the platform this past summer.

Unless you feel like donating money to a scam artist, Global Dynamic Marketing 2.0 is a bitcoin investment scheme you should absolutely avoid.


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  1. Dummy writer. You’re just being an envious, angry, greedy punk. People like you cashout from the system daily and still prevent people from earning. What kinda human does that? Lol GDM is real and will payout even till you are gone. Die my friend.


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