Global ICO Fund GLIF Token Review

As the books of history are being re-written afresh with a few additional pages about the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and ICOs, the year 2017 will forever remain a cornerstone to the explosion of these buzzwords.

It was the time when blockchain developed from a mere sideshow into the main center of attraction, even drawing reminiscence from such earlier inventions as the start of the dot-com era.

To put that into perspective, prior to 2017, the potential of bitcoin to be a future investment instrument was nearly zero. Yet it took a one drama-filled year to change the narrative and indeed forever.

In percentages, Bitcoin’s ROIs hit unimaginable figures as funds raised from ICOs usurped those ever amassed from conventional venture capitals. But it is exactly at this juncture when ICOs sprung up almost unequivocally, and subsequently increasing the number of crypto fraud and scam cases.

Introducing Global ICO Fund

In the light of this new twist, the emergence of Global ICO Fund ( is opportune and rightly so. Unlike the typical blockchain-based startups looking to create a disruption, Global ICO Fund is a tad different. It will, instead, help mitigate the risks exposed to ICO investors, mainly using expertise and knowledge crafted by brilliant experts.

There’s no doubt blockchain technology will affect the way of storing and distributing information and resources in the future. And Global ICO Fund expects this technology to remain community-driven and decentralized forever. So, by providing users with deeper and insightful market analysis, ICO reviews and detailed and viable investment opportunities, it will have helped mitigate risks of investing in fictitious ICOs.

Global ICO Fund GLIF Token Sale

However, to ensure its developers, expertise and experts gain from their insightful reviews, and the whole platform is actively managed, Global ICO Fund will be tokenized. Holders of GLIF tokens will have access to all the information contained in the platform. Basically, it is an attempt to tame this cowboy-like environment that is the world of ICO.

  • Token: GLIF
  • Price: 1 GLIF=$0.1
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Softcap and hard cap: 4,166 ETH and 8,333 ETH
  • More details on the Whitepaper

How Global ICO Fund will Restore Sanity in this Burgeoning Cowboy-like Environment

It is about stripping off flashy websites that promise quick wealth and bonuses. Also, it projects to tame lengthy Whitepapers that contain no meaningful information and projects with a ridiculously oversized team of advisors.

  1. First off will be to bring back the virtue of Trust to shroud ICOs and tokens.
  2. Regulation; regulating of these ICOs in a legal-like manner.
  3. Checking for the availability of reliable information regarding the ICO and the problems it aims to tame.
  4. Eliminating the hidden agenda that is compulsive greed – an issue that has been following ICOs all along.

If an ICO ticks all these boxes, it will be fit to invest on, according to Global ICO Fund. And even when tokens issued will guarantee the viability of the platform, tokens will act as items of utility instead of security.

About the Global ICO Fund GLIF Token

Global ICO GmbH was established in 2017, initially to contribute to the development of the upcoming, blockchain-based financial markets. Currently, the way it plans to bring an impact in these markets is to merge what many usually do before investing in the conventional markets and the new technology.

A distinctive feature of Global ICO Fund is the fact that it doesn’t offer a promise of a new technology poised to change the world entirely. How this promise will end up steering the growing financial market (Blockchain and cryptocurrencies) amid the massive challenges remains to be seen.

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