Global Investment Services Corp

With blockchain technology potentially threatening the financial industry, people have begun to trust each other with the development of a decentralized banking system. With the banking system relying on intermediaries and third parties, there is less trust when it comes to saving, lending, transacting or borrowing.

While it is certain that intermediaries offer a layer of protection, using blockchain could provide the much-needed decentralization and trustless nature that is a necessity for our financial lending and borrowing. The Global Investment Services Corp is a firm looking to offer next generation network that could change the way we lend and spend. Here's more on the blockchain leverage.

What Is Global Investment Services Corp?

GISC LoanCoin Network is a blockchain utility token looking to provide users with lending and borrowing services that work through leveraging blockchain asset to secure fiat loans for other ventures. The network will operate under a distributed ledger that is optimal for peer-to-peer and business-to-business lending and borrowing on a global scale.

The platform will combine their multiple years of financial experience to partners with an agent network of partners who will facilitate the smooth operation of the GISC lending and service business.

Global Investment Services Corp Structure

The GISC blockchain will support the following functions under its structure:

GISC Direct

The GISC Direct loans will provide for Libor rate loans to the GISC network users. The token holders will invest in P2P, B2B or through the packaged investments.

B2B Lending

Small and medium businesses will get the necessary access to the capital they need in the form of GLN tokens. The network will have many loan options as long as their demand.

P2P Lending

The P2P framework will allow for a lending platform that connects individual investors with the necessary borrowers. Under their matchmaking, technology, GISC Loan coin will primarily function as a service token for lenders and borrowers.

GISC Package Loans And Altcoins Loans

Borrowers will get to submit loan requests, and the smart contract will match their applications to the necessary funding in term of altcoins. GISC will evaluate the applicants' merit and use their proprietary model to analyse the user's collateral.

Global Investment Services Corp Benefits

Here's how the cryptocurrency lending service could change the borrowing landscape:

  • Loan automation- With thanks to smart contracts, the GISC coin will combine the traditional loan plans with an automated system for the digital assets and general loan plans.
  • Token value- Token holders also get to benefit from the growing increase of token distribution, and this will ultimately increase the amount in the long run.
  • Profit sharing- GISC token holders also get to receive and participate in the quarterly distribution of the platform's profits from the loans.

Global Investment Services Corp GISC Loan Coin ICO Details

  • TGE Stage 4 starts at APR 1, 2018 12:01 UTC to APR 30, 2018
  • ETH Contract address: 0x31353f83ceCd49c300E4A1547a5e5f96961dC413
  • Amount of coins 450,000,000
  • 1ETH = 20,000 GIS Tokens
  • Ticker- GIS
  • Accepts- BTC, LTC, BAT, ETH Classic

Global Investment Services Corp Conclusion

Cryptocurrency-based loans may seem like an exciting concept to most blockchain enthusiasts. To the typical investors, the allure of security, decentralization, and transparency can ascertain the real value that blockchain can hold for our commercial borrowing. However, blockchain borrowing is a relatively new concept, and there is plenty of adequate background research necessary before any investing.

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