Global Open League ICO (GOL Token)

GOL, found online at, is a decentralized user-generated eSports tournament platform. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Global Open League (GOL)?

GOL Token is a digital token for the “Global Open League” or GOL, a decentralized, user-generated eSports tournament platform targeted at amateur players. The platform aims to create a tournament system where amateur players have the opportunity to play with professional eSports players and celebrities.

GOL will begin its life as an online tournament platform. Eventually, the platform seeks to become a dominant eSports brand, “reaching eSports enthusiasts in every corner of the globe.”

The GOL platform will revolve around the use of GOLTokens. A token sale for GOLTokens begins in May 2018, with a pre-sale taking place throughout March 2018.

How Does Global Open League (GOL Token) Work?

GOL aims to integrate eSports with blockchain technology. Some of the core functions of the platform will include:

  • Completely decentralized ecosystem with no middlemen involved
  • Fast, secure, and reliable match result processing
  • Automated reward delivery
  • Publicly viewable and verifiable transactions

On the GOL platform, amateur gamers can test their skill and complete in 1v1 and team versus team matches across popular online games. Some of the games currently listed on include League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG, FIFA 18, and Overwatch.

GOL also has a partnership with Next Generation eSports (NGE), one of the largest eSports content providers in North America.

GOL’s ecosystem will revolve around the use of GOLTokens, which will be used for all transactions within the ecosystem. GOLTokens will be used to reward participants who contribute to the ecosystem, for example. You’ll also be able to spend tokens on products and services within the GOL marketplace.

What Problems Does GOL Seek to Solve?

The eSports sector is obviously growing. However, the industry is facing a number of growing pains. Some of the problems identified in the GOL whitepaper include:

  • Chargebacks and high transaction costs
  • Centralized governance over gaming platforms and payment systems
  • Third party involvement with merchant payment solutions
  • There aren’t enough eSports tournaments; the average eSports fan competes in four live tournaments every 6 months, according to the GOL whitepaper, and this “can be frustrating for players who would typically like to play more frequently”

How Do GOL Tokens Work?

GOLTokens, or GOLT, will be used for all transactions within the GOL platform. Users will be able to earn GOLT by winning tournaments, verifying matches, and participating in the tribunal system.

Users can also trade GOLT for products and services within the platform – like in-game rewards and skins, for example.

Tokens can be used for:

  • Playing matches
  • Voting in GOL tribunals
  • Receiving coaching lessons from GOL veterans
  • Accessing data analytics of players’ performances, including tips on how to improve
  • Buying e-commerce products and services, including items from Zenox, MSI, and Razer
  • Sponsoring challenges

You can receive tokens in exchange for:

  • Winning competitive matches with other players on the GOL platform
  • Referring a friend to the GOL platform
  • Verifying matches by running the desktop node
  • Participating in the tribunal pool by running the desktop node
  • Participating in events hosted by sponsors, celebrities, or GOL
  • Getting a wallet-to-wallet transfer from another player
  • Purchasing GOLT during GOL’s pre-sale and public sale

The Global Open League ICO (GOL Token)

40% of the total supply of GOLTokens are going to the crowdsale. The remaining tokens are going to advisors (20%), the team (10%), and a reserve fund (30%).

There will be a maximum number of 1,265,000,000 GOLTs created.

The pre-sale for GOLT begins in March 2018, with a public crowdsale beginning in May 2018.

Tokens will be sold at a rate of 1 GOLT = $0.05 USD during the token sale.

Who’s Behind GOL?

GOL is led by Patrick Tang (CEO) and Man Kin Fung (Co-Founder). Patrick is an entrepreneur who has previously founded two successfully-backed companies including the Jaha Fitness App and a furniture e-commerce company called Timeless Elements. Man Kin Fung, meanwhile, is a creative director for Hong Kong’s number one female eSports team, PandaCute. He’s also the founder and CEO of Global Esports, a Hong Kong-based eSports platform.

GOL is based in Hong Kong.

In addition to the CEO and co-founder, GOL includes a team of gaming veterans, players, and top tech talent from across Asia. The company has also established partnerships with global eSports companies like Next Generation eSports (NGE), Global eSports (GES), and Asia City League (ACL).

Global Open League ICO (GOL Token) Conclusion

Global Open League, or GOL, is an automated decentralized platform where eSports fans can compete and get rewarded with GOLT. The goal of the platform is to be the global leader in eSports tournaments. GOL will accomplish that goal using blockchain technology, a frictionless cryptocurrency, and other unique features.

To learn more about GOL and its upcoming token sale, visit online today at

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