With the fast-growing demands for housing facilities, there is no denying that the real estate sector is a rising gem in most economies. However, stakeholders in this sector haven’t been able to maximize their benefits due to numerous difficulties that keep emerging with the current centralization systems of operation. It’s even more difficult if one wants to invest in a foreign land where restrictive measures in place make it almost impossible to penetrate the market. The exploitation also spreads to funds access.

Therefore, there is a need for the world to come up with a long-lasting solution that could cushion investors from these kinds of real estate investment risks. One of such modern-day solution is Global REIT. But what exactly is this?

What Is Global REIT?

Also referred to as the Global Real Estate Investment Trust, Global REIT is an online blockchain platform that sets to offer alternative investment opportunities for Cryptocurrency Real Estate investors. The platform functions as a trust corporation that would claim ownership or provide finances to business entities and can be either publicly or privately owned. All platform activities involve long-term investments whose income generation depends on rent collection, financing interests and sale proceeds from assets under management. Additionally, the site offers its users future access to all Assets under Management, with a liquid exit plan for Real Estate holders.

Global REIT Features

The Global REIT platform offers its members various tools to enhance its functionality and for better on-platform interaction;

  • The issuing of reward points across multiple Loyalty Programs on the Assets under Management (AUS) to access limited free services.
  • A Global REIT asset portfolio that would include globally acquired assets.
  • Gret and Grem tokens to enhance participation in the Fund Management Income and collection of dividends.

How Global REIT Blockchain Real Estate Investment Trust Works

Users on the Global REIT platform will subscribe to both the Global REIT Fund Management Token (GREM) and the Global REIT Asset Token (GRET). Through this, users gain access to GREM and GRET share returns in addition to the utility that both tokens offer. They also get the opportunity such as;

  • Free stays for above 5,000Gret and Grem token ownership.
  • Selling off real estate assets within the ecosystem for 100,000 Grem token holders, with multiple Cryptocurrency payment options
  • A stable 1.25 % AUM annual income for Grem token holders after three years
  • A steady return on investment income of 8% annually for Gret token holders for first acquired assets.
  • An asset management model for both frontend and backend of all assets on the platform
  • Transaction module for API and Interface calls for external transactions
  • Compliance and Security Module for 24/7 security on all investors and asset owners transactions.

Global REIT GRET Token ICO Details

The Global REIT would distribute its 79,285,714 Grem tokens and 16,650,000 Gret tokens for the pre-sale and public sale;

  • The Pre-ICO sale would begin on 1st May 2018-31st May 2018 with 57,857,143 Grem tokens at $0.070 per token and 12,150,000 Gret tokens at $1 per token. (29%)
  • The Public ICO starts on 1st June 2018-30th June 2018 with 21,448,571 Grem tokens at $0.070 per token and 4,500,000 Gret tokens at $1 per token. (11%)

There will also be 10,000,000(5%) Grem tokens reservation for the Advisory Board and 110,714,286(55%) Grem tokens for the Fund Management Company. Extra bonuses do apply for both Grem and Gret token holders only at the Pre-ICO sale.

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