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Global Spy, found online at, is a “global investigator platform” for cryptocurrency investors. Find out what that means today in our review.

What is Global Spy?

Global Spy aims to help investors complete due diligence on their cryptocurrency investments. The company announced itself online in early March 2018.

Global Spy wants to solve a crucial problem in the cryptocurrency industry: it’s difficult for investors to access unbiased research for their proposed cryptocurrency investments. At the same time, investors need to research investments because there are so many scams out there, and they don’t want to be victimized.

With that in mind, Global Spy has created a global investigator platform where users can buy cryptocurrency research using Spy Tokens.

How Does Global Spy Work?

Using Global Spy, any investor can pay Global Spy tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency research. The investor mentions the cryptocurrency, then completes the Global Spy transaction.

Then, the dedicated Global Spy team will perform thorough research on that cryptocurrency.

This is where things get a little different from other private investigation services: in a press release announcing the platform, Global Spy describes how their platform “goes further by allowing investors to earn half of the amount that others pay for the same research. This provides the incentive to commission research on multiple cryptocurrencies because it can earn the investor revenue in the future.”

Here’s how that function works:

  • You pay Global Spy tokens in exchange for research on a cryptocurrency like Ethereum (ETH)
  • The Global Spy team completes research on that cryptocurrency and sends you the report
  • Any future investors who request information on Ethereum will receive that same report and pay the same price as you – but you’ll receive 50% of the amount they pay
  • Global Spy claims investors might end up making 2 to 4 times what they originally spent on a cryptocurrency report through this system

Global Spy expands on this concept further saying that “investors can now earn Spy Tokens when others use research they already had conducted.” So investors have an incentive to pay Global Spy to research tokens as soon as they hear about a new cryptocurrency.

Global Spy claims to have insider information about different cryptocurrencies. When you buy a report from the company, you’re paying for detailed research information about the company, which includes, according to the Global Spy press release, an “inside scoop of what the coin fails to tell its investors.”

Does this mean Global Spy is selling insider trader information? Not really. We’ll explain what type of information Global Spy reports reveal in the next section.

Global Spy only accepts Spy Tokens in exchange for its investigation services. Global Spy will not accept cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Features of Global SPY

Global Spy advertises all of the following features:


Global Spy aims to provide accurate, well researched, high-quality information about any particular coin, including details of the ICO, the background of the company and the team, and an “inside scoop of what the coin fails to tell its investors”. This is the “insider trading”-style information I mentioned above.

Fast and Trustworthy:

Global Spy claims to provide fast and trustworthy research. In fact, they claim that they sometimes “even make physical visits” to cryptocurrency offices at the request of clients.

Earnings Opportunity:

You can earn money when others request the same research on the same coin. You might have paid $100 for Global Spy to research Ethereum, for example. When someone pays $100 for that same research after you, Global Spy will split the earnings with you, which means you’ll earn $50 simply because you requested ETH research first.

A Global Knowledge Base:

The end result of all of this research is that Global Spy will create a growing knowledge base for the cryptocurrency industry. Global Spy claims their token will increase in value as their knowledge base grows.

How Does Global Spy Conduct Research?

Global Spy provides customized information reports on different cryptocurrencies. Clients can receive detailed reports on the basics of a cryptocurrency – like information summarized from the whitepaper and website. Or, they can pay for a more detailed report. As mentioned above, Global Spy can also visit the physical address of a cryptocurrency company to conduct on-the-ground research.

Basically, Global Spy is a private investigation company specializing in cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how Global Spy explains its service:

“We carry out investigations on any business activity using our existing methods and tools…we will carry out more thorough and faster research of the investigation subjects relying on our experienced investigators and the best tools currently available.

Thanks to our toolkits and access rights to many information and data registers we can already today assess for example the business history of companies and their managers, credit information on individuals, their ownership or business links to companies, the owners of internet domains or even which car they have registered under their own or company names.”

Up above, we mentioned the fact that Global Spy might be providing “insider” information because they claim to reveal information unavailable to investors. That doesn’t seem to be true: the company will reveal information gleaned from public records databases, including tax records, credit checks, and more. They don’t appear to promise any insider information that would violate trading laws.

The Global Spy ICO

The Global Spy ICO for Spy Tokens will begin on March 15, 2018. It will end on April 15, 2018. Bonuses of 20% and 10% are available in the first and second week, respectively.

The price is set at a base rate of 1 ETH = 5000 SPY tokens. There’s a total supply of 170 million SPY tokens. There’s a hard cap of 150 million SPY tokens (equal to 30,000 ETH coins) and a soft cap of 5 million SPY tokens (equal to 1,000 ETH).

Who’s Behind Global Spy?

Global Spy is led by Jori Falkstedt (CEO), an entrepreneur who launched his importing business in 1999. Today, his company is one of the leading importers of gardening machines in Finland. In 2005, Falkstedt decided to purchase a private investigation company that he had previously used for his company. In 2012, that company split to launch its own investigation company called J2P2-Invest Ltd.

Other listed members of the team include Pasi Kemppinen (CCO) and Pasi Suominen (CTO).

Global Spy is headquartered in Paimio, Finland. The company is officially part of J2P2-Invest Oy Ltd.

Global SPY ICO Conclusion

Global Spy is a private investigation company dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrencies. The company will only accept Spy Tokens in exchange for its investigation services.

One of the unique things that separates Global Spy from other private investigation services is the ability to earn money by ordering investigations. If you order an investigation into a cryptocurrency, for example, then you’ll earn money whenever someone later orders that same investigation.

To learn more about Global Spy and how it works, visit online today at

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