The blockchain technology is proving to have unique and exciting applications due to its decentralized nature, which is gaining broad regards as the future of the internet. One good is the technology finally useful function is the survey industry. With its borders capabilities, blockchain can provide for a system that will allow participants from around the globe to take part in opinion polls, vote and get the detailed results. And the best part is that the results are not open to manipulation from any individual or corporation. Global Survey ICO want to provide a similar hub to enable for more accurate public opinion through blockchain technology.

What Is Global Survey?

Global Survey is an upcoming ICO project that plans to link blockchain technology to survey items and enable users to explore and share the public opinion. The blockchain-based survey service will incorporate its cryptocurrency (SURVEYTOKEN) as a means of payment for service fees and award the participants for their survey response. The useful token functionality is due to its conformity to the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20-compliance), which allows for other related opportunities such as trading, sharing, etc.

Characteristics Of The Blockchain Based Survey

The Global Survey service will feature

  • Low cost of the polls for the clients with reduced margins of 70-90%
  • The respondents will guarantee uniqueness in the response due to the blockchain
  • No causes of fraud or result forgery
  • Unlimited scalability to facilitate a global survey reach

The Mechanics Behind The Survey Service

The Global Survey service will entail the survey publisher first to pay an appropriate number of SRT tokens which will go into a service commission and to reward the survey respondents. Once the SRT token payment fulfills the requirements, the survey goes into the blockchain, with the SRT token going into the frozen balance of the study intended. Additionally, the reward payment will work on an automatic system based on the MetaMask wallet. In return, the survey researcher gets a general statistic report for the individual results of the respondent. A


With everyone making up as an avid consumer, the SURVEYTOKEN could present plenty of advantages for the world of surveys. Here's how Global Survey service will benefit you with its innovation

  • Secure results with the respondent's outcome-free from the typical manipulation
  • Liquidity of the token is provided through the exchange to trade in for your ordinary transactions
  • Safety of data with the Global Survey offering a secure wallet with no danger on the user's data.
  • An efficient rating system that will facilitate a self-purification mechanism for the Global Survey ecosystem
  • Reward system for users


The ICO token sale is set to take place in two stages for the selling of SurveyToken.

  • Pre-ICO sale

The initial stage is for the vast investors as the minimum threshold will be at 600000 SRT tokens, each costing $0.0065. The phase will run from 30th March to 30 April of 2018. Investors in this stage will also be the beneficiary of the GoldBon token, which is the particular investment currency with a bonus fund.

  • ICO sale

Any scale of investor can gain entry into the ICO stage and enjoy the early participation and referral bonuses. Each SRT token will sell for $0.01 and will be available for sale from 1st may to 15th June 2018.

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