Global Wasp

If you consider it we are surrounded by internet everywhere, and that fact makes it remarkable that the industry is still centralized. While the growth of the internet is happening at a high rate, the vast majority of the sector remains in the few hands of monopolistic Internet Service Providers.

Despite this, blockchain is once again making the difference by offering a possible internet sharing service that could merely see a service provider. Global Wasp provides a beautiful arrangement that could see internet consumers become wireless service providers. Here's more on the seamless internet connectivity sharing

What Is Global Wasp?

The GW (Global Wasp) is an internet sharing service that allows individuals to have convenient and cheap internet around the world. Under their sharing app, an Internet user who is a GW user with surplus unused Internet traffic to automatically earn revenue from selling their remaining or unlimited/limited Internet traffic.

Consequently, this will allow the internet user (buyer) to get the relevant internet traffic at a much lower cost than the typical internet service providers.

How Global Wasp Decentralized WiFi Internet Service Works

The system for transmitting Internet traffic among users comprises of a server, first-user device, second-user device, and the software program. The server comes with a database and web interface.

The owner of the first-user device (Seller) installs the Program (software) on their equipment and then configures the settings to accommodate details on Internet traffic, specifically on the price, the volume of traffic, and each limit in a day among others. The program then registers the user and opens a new account for the user in the “Account section” of the Program. All payments for Internet traffic or advertising will go here.

The Global Wasp Vision

The GLOBAL Wasp will seek to meet the following challenges with its solution:

  • High prices for internet services
  • The high cost of Wi-Fi services from the ISPs
  • Eliminate the ISPs that often disadvantages the user's regarding service contracts

Global Wasp Benefits

  • GW does not rely on using extra elements like a blockchain or a platform provider which would necessitate the need for Internet providers and users get to use cryptocurrency for transactions.
  • Both the standard mobile phones and the fixed devices will have their distribution through Wi-Fi.
  • GW will be protected by international patenting (PCT/RU 2017/000712) and exclusive rights to this technology will be obtained.
  • Global Wasp fundraising is working by the necessary legislation of Estonia. The licensee meets the Anti-Money Laundry standards, and this adds legitimacy to the project.

Global Wasp GloW Token Sale


  • 15th June 2018 till 31st August 2018
  • Tokens supply- 3,200,000 GloW
  • Cost- 1GloW= $0.50(50%)


  • 1st October, 2018 till 31st March, 2019
  • Tokens supplied- 15,000,000 GloW
  • Price rate- 1 GloW= $1.00

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token ticker- GloW
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Standard- ERC20
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Total supply- 16,600,000
  • Hard cap- $16,600,000
  • Soft cap- $15,400,000

Distribution Of Tokens

  • Financiers- 50%
  • Reserve fund- 10%
  • Bounty program- 10%
  • Project team- 30%

Global Wasp Conclusion

Overall, the Global Wasp project is one of the few blockchain ventures that could have a potentially impactful mark around their global. Their goal of uniting the world through the internet is pretty viable, and much of it will rely on the reaction from the general public. Still, blockchain technology is facing a few hurdles, and if Global Wasp can overcome them, then they could succeed.

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