Project Globatrix – Decentralizing The Internet

The Globatrix project wants to solve the major issues of the internet, bringing a new approach to the online advertising marketing. This will help to break the monopoly that exists today impossible. Globatrix will be powered by a new, leaner, generation of blockchain that is based on big data analysis and AI. It will also have aspects such as decentralized searches, social networks, and fully support VR technology.

Why Globatrix

This project is based on the idea that information and the internet should be decentralized. It also wants to introduce the idea of a green blockchain, which does not exclude miners from making a profit. It also wants to introduce ads that are not annoying while being intelligent.

The project will also introduce a collaborative webmasters network instead of one based on competition. Things such as browsers without cookies, adware, and new models of content licensing based on data segments instead of whole-file licensing, and much more will all be possible.

This project is all about encouraging honest sellers and reputations, collaboration, organizations based on community opinions, transparent electronic voting, trading goods without money, and an end to monopolies. The project will bring about a balanced ecosystem that incorporates adjusting segments, which prevent things from falling apart.

The Globatrix Mission

This project has a mission of producing a new, improved, sustainable, and balanced virtual world with low competition and monopoly. It is based on collaboration, honesty, and equality. As a result, every participant will be able to grow his or her potential. The mission will entail bringing VR technology to the masses, leading to a new and immersive experience that has unlimited potential.

How Globatrix Decentralized Internet Web Blockchain Works

To eliminate competition and monopoly, Globatrix will utilize a new model of business. Under this new model, hybrid PoW and PoS will be used. This will lead to a random selection of miners who will be used to verify blocks. Traffic managers will then be used to verify data. This model does not need a lot of power to work. Thus, miners will not need to make huge investments in equipment.

Once selected, miners are connected to the mining via an API key. If an attack is suspected, there is no need to stop all mining; the guilty miner will be dismissed. Miners will ensure that operability of intelligent algorithms on the network happens seamlessly. To reduce the chance of an attack, the network will utilize rehashing and randomization.

A miner or traffic manager is not involved in block verification and data analysis in a row. The miners will pass hashed output to selected managers who rehash and verify outputs besides checking each other. Traffic managers will then pick new miners and pass rehashed output to new miners. The miners of the previous round do the same. If no one cheated, the rehashed outcomes are used in the next round.

Globatrix GLOB Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-sale: April 9 – June 15
  • Token Sale: June20 – September 21
  • Name: Globatrix Token
  • Token Symbol: GLOB
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Maximum Supply: 250,000,000
  • Tokens for Sale: 225,000,000
  • Presale Price: 1 ETH = 15,000 GLOB

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