The gambling sector is a multi-billion-dollar sector that is always growing every year. With the increasing technological advancements over the last decade, we have seen a brand new of gambling being introduced, either through apps or social online games.

However, if you still prefer the allure of land-based casinos, but want the convenience of online gambling, then GlobeCas has the perfect solution. Discover more information about GlobeCas and their unique services here below.

What Is GlobeCas?

GlobeCas is at the forefront of simplifying the process of transitioning conventional brick and mortar casinos to the online world while keeping costs low. This will be accomplished through an integrated and intuitive platform that provides casinos all across the globe to broadcast dealer games in real-time.

This is a much more practical solution that many casinos would prefer to launching a fully online casino, which can be expensive, time-consuming and complex. GlobeCas will provide all the necessary compliance control, gambling software, equipment setup, customer support and other crucial services as a comprehensive package.

GlobeCas Features

Largest Online Casino –

As GlobeCas continues partnering with more casinos throughout the world, a new and exciting gambling environment will arise. Other features and games will be gradually added to help in strengthening the platform and catering to different user preferences, which means it will be the largest online casino.

Better Betting Odds –

When you have players competing from all corners of the globe in a game like poker, the game will not only be more exciting but it will also diversify the risk for the casinos. GlobeCas will ensure that the casinos are still profitable without having to place one-sided bets against clients.

Faster Transaction Speeds –

With the GlobeCas Token or GCT, players will have a standardized way of making payments across all casinos regardless of location. Clients will be able to pay or withdraw their GCT tokens from any casino, which means they are no longer restricted in just one casino.

How GlobeCas Livestream Casino & Entertainment Games Work

GlobeCas was developed to solve the three main problems of conventional online casinos, which are high investment costs, licensing issues and trust issues. There are plenty of other challenges facing the conventional gambling industry such as geographical limitations, changing consumer gambling needs, lack of know how to run online casinos and many others.

Through its integrated blockchain based casino platform, GlobeCas will enable livestream of casino games, standardize payment methods with GCT and help improve the overall quality of the online gambling industry.

GlobeCas GCT Token ICO Details

  • Token – GlobeCas Token (GCT)
  • Total Token Supply – 20 billion GCT
  • Total ICO Sale – 9 billion GCT
  • Soft cap – $5 million
  • Hard cap – $50 million
  • Token rate – $1=162 GCT
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies – ETH and BTC

GCT Allocation

  • Bounty Program – 5%
  • Team – 10%
  • Casino bank reserve – 40%
  • Sale – 45%

GlobeCas Conclusion

The gambling commission in United Kingdom (UKGC) granted GlobeCas a remote/online gambling license that allows the company to participate in internet-based casino business and related software development. This license is usually given out after meeting very strict criteria regarding the security of user data and fairness of all the casino games.

In the crypto area where many companies are operating in the grey area with minimal regulation, it is refreshing to see a company like GlobeCas that is fully regulated and is committed to doing things the right way.

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