GlobeToken Project

The emergence of blockchain technology has undoubtedly spurred the development of several projects. While most of these projects have a defined purpose, a substantial number have just integrated blockchain for the sake of it; they do not have a well-laid strategy. Ironically, such are the projects that purport to be on the vanguard of the ongoing blockchain revolution.

To realize the full capabilities of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole, business have to use a slow and gradual approach. Otherwise, a haphazard integration of this discovery is likely to result in massive disappointment, since the technology is still its embryonic stages. Particularly, emphasis must be put into the reliability of connections, speed and the cost of transactions.

How GlobeToken Project Crypto Reward Points Works

The primary objective of GlobeToken is to streamline transactions. The platform is built on a secure, dependable and incontrovertible blockchain ledger. Also, the supplementary digital wallet is simplified so that even a novice can operate it without expert assistance. Ultimately, the platform will develop a mobile version of the same, allowing users to access mobile payments options as well as enroll to a highly-rewarding loyalty program. By using an approach that is currently familiar with several potential clients, GlobeToken will impel the mass adoption of digital currencies within the economy.

The GlobeToken wallet provides a simple means for transacting with other individuals across the world. After enjoying the seamless operability of this app, users are likely to abandon the existing payment mechanisms such as online bank accounts.

GlobeToken Project Key Value Drivers

Frictionless Transactions

GlobeToken will levy minimal transaction fees on processes so as to increase solvency and correct market incompleteness. Here, the company is positive that the project will follow in the footsteps of the stellar Network which has an impressive market value of $7.6 billion.

Retail Loyalty Points

Both the wallet and the GlobeToken will be integrated with a loyalty rewards program. This move is aimed at increasing the adoption and subsequent usage of the GlobeToken.


The GlobeToken ecosystem will feature a complementary mobile application that houses all the features of the platform. Using the app, users can transact, earn and spend loyalty points whilst on the move. Furthermore, the app is compatible with popular mobile payment solutions such as Zapper and Snapscan.

GlobeToken Project Rewards Program

The principal objective of this program is to incentivize participation in the impending GlobeToken ICO. After the successful completion of the token sale, GlobeToken will conduct a live draw on social media to determine the winners. Regarding prices, winners may opt for cash instead of the gift if they so desire. The prizes are categorized in tiers, with the lowest featuring a fully-paid African Safari, gaming PC and mining hardware giveaways. On the other hand, the grand prize is a top-of-the-range Lamborghini Aventador worth $450,000.

GlobeToken Project GLO Token ICO Details

GlobeToken will issue a limited number of tokens, of which the unsold will be destroyed after the ICO period elapses. The GlobeToken project is committed to conserving the environment, which is why 1% of the total token supply is allocated to the Kruger National Park. They will hold their ICO in four stages starting from 04/30/18 through 7/29/18. Accepted currency for investing in the GLO token is Stellar (XLM).

Distribution Of Funds

Project developments will take up a whopping76% of the proceeds from the crowdsale. Marketing will come in second with 5%, with the rest being shared among legal, ad hoc operations and ICO prize allocations.

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