For anyone to be considered a legendary globetrotter, such an individual must exhibit the bravery of a person with an insatiable hunger for adventure. A journeying enthusiast will always be on the move, eager to discover where the next course of adventure is hidden.

Unfortunately, amidst the glamor and being intrepid, an adventurer will have to accept the hassle of regularly converting money before spending it while at the vacation spot.

If only there were a genuinely stable type of cryptocurrency that could work in every corner of the world while being immune to the regular volatilities faced by the common coin types!

Cryptocurrencies are yet to go mainstream, and this remains a huge detriment to their acceptance as a better alternative to fiat currencies. They are still affected by the forces of demand and supply, a factor that might not be great to cryptocurrency loving vacationers. They fear that the coin might lose value when they’re away from home!

Introducing Globetrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

There could be an utterly revolutionary type of cryptocurrency after all. To solve this problem and remain as a stable, reliable cryptocurrency, GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem is proposing unique three-coin system type of cryptocurrency. The three-coin system will change the standard way of traveling and vacationing being invulnerable to changes experienced by other types.

How It Will Achieve Stability

It will be a 3-token system with the three coins being:

  • GTT Token – it will be the token available for purchase at the ICO stage and later available for exchange on conventional cryptocurrency exchanges. The value of GTT tokens will be subject to demand and supply and will thus fluctuate.
  • GTC (Globie) token – with a fixed price, specifically at par with the ten biggest FIAT currencies, Globie will be the real deal for travelers. If a vacationer buys GTC with Euros, for instance, he will trade it back for the same amount of Euros ONLY. The most significant feature about Globie isn’t the fact that it will not fluctuate. Instead, it is the ease of use, primarily to buy goods or purchase travel tickets. GTC will not be listed on any exchange.
  • GTG token – as a gift coin for vendors and suppliers of goods, GTG will be given out freely. Its use will be to indicate the vendor’s terms of use, pretty much like free points or reward points given out by the merchant to its loyal shoppers.

Major Characteristics Of GlobeTrotter

  1. Based on a new Smart Contracts system.
  2. Each Globie coin will come with a distinctive PIN number
  3. If lost or stolen, a Globie coin will be replaceable.
  4. Transactions will be anonymous by choice – optional
  5. Zero transactional fees from wallet to wallet.
  6. A purchase can be reversed and the funds refunded.

GlobeTrotter Conclusion – Is It Viable?

Given that this project is tailored for the travel and tourism industry, it is worth noting that it is ambitious and pegged on its users’ ditching the volatile ones for it. But it will be quite an exciting type of cryptocurrency going by its unique features.

Pre-Sale Details – GlobeTrotter

  • Token Symbol: GTT
  • Price: 1 GTT = 0.20 USD + 100% bonus
  • Coin type: ERC-20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 2,000,000,000 GTT

During the pre-sale, coins accepted were BTC, LTC, Zcash, DASH, and ETH or fiat equivalent to $50,000 USD. The pre-sale of the 100 million tokens was a success and the main ICO, slated for early 2018, is worth looking forward to.

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