What Is Globex SCI?

Globex SCI is a blockchain platform for the publication of scientific research. This company has partnered with the University of Cambridge, Institut Pasteur, Ckonkobo and Universita degli Studi de Roma Tor Vergata to create the project, which consists of collecting databases of scientific papers.

The content will be stored on the blockchain, which is very secure, and an algorithm which will use artificial intelligence to select the relevant content. Also, the company will create systems and innovations by analysing how the users interact with the content.

How Will Globex SCI Scientific Publishing Blockchain Work?

The company has a main problem to solve: the way that scientific work is distributed today does not work very well. Scientific content magazines and journals have an inflated cost of subscription, which means that the public has a restricted access to them.

The scientists pay publishers to be published instead of receiving money for this. The publishers get their money from everyone and this causes piracy because many people do not want to pay and this cause many legal and ethical problems. Because of this, Globex SCI intends to create an ecosystem that will work in a different way than this one is currently working.

By creating a blockchain platform that will not need publishers, what Globex SCI intends to do is to really reward the people who produce good content and give an opportunity for people to access them by paying to access what they want instead of the whole publication at a very inflated price.

This way the people who produce the content will be able to get access to money, advertisers will get in touch with their intended audience and publishing houses will also benefit because even they can get some money by allowing their content to be published in Globex SCI instead of being pirated around.

You can see that the Globex SCI ecosystem works by connecting all these different actors in the same system and making them all profit. Instead of the publishing houses taking all the profit and everybody being unhappy, in this model everybody gets something and Science is benefited from that.

Globex SCI GSI Token

As it is becoming the standard for blockchain platforms, all the transactions on the Globex SCI platform will be made by using the GSI tokens, which will be Ethereum-based tokens that will enable the use of smart contracts for the transactions.

You will be able to use the GSI tokens for many things and to be able to participate in the platform, you will definitely have to buy them. By using tokens, you can preserve scientific articles, large data sets, get access to paid data, use the statistical services provided by the company, the API-based products that will be made by other companies, among other things.

Globex SCI GSI Token ICO Details

The GSI tokens sale has already started and it will continue until July 1. If you buy the GSI tokens right now during the first week, you can get 25% discount. The discounts will be 20% on the second week, 15% on the third, 10% on the fourth and finally 5% on the fifth. After that, there will be no discounts.

With 1 ETH, you will be able to buy 500 GSI tokens. The minimum transactions amount is 0.1 ETH and the maximum is 1,000 ETH. The soft cap is 3,000 ETH and the hard cap is 46,150 ETH.

Who Is Behind Globex SCI?

This company was created by people united for the dream of creating a single big community which could be able to share common scientific knowledge and disrupt this market to create one that can work better and more fairly.

The company was created by Shamil Mugattarov (CEO), with the help of Nikolai Barlev (chief scientist), Arthur Teregulov (CTO), Ilya Vinnikov (developer), Valentine Erokhin (CMO) and Artem Finko (CMO).

The advisors of the company are Amarpreet Singh, David Murry, Stefan Bergstrom, Gerry Melino, Mauro Piacentini, Oleg Demidov, Anastasia Demidova and Nikolai Putin.

Globex SCI Verdict

It looks like Globex SCI can be a good response to decades of publishing houses dominating the scientific research publishing market. In an analogous way as how bookstores and book publishers worked until the last decade, it looks like this company has a fair chance of improving how this specific market works.

Because of this, even if you are not necessarily interested in the subject, but only in a good investment, it can be a good idea to invest in Globex SCI.

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