Globle Inc, has announced the launch of its platform to ease the creation of new companies or projects by innovators. It also simplifies access to funds and the subsequent profit sharing if the companies become successful. The platform is open to anyone who wants to create, fund, and manage new projects and ideas.

Founders of the platform say they are hoping to help people who have lost their jobs to automation and AI, get back on their feet by giving them a chance to harness their creativity through democratized entrepreneurship and community participation.

A New Solution

Globle positions itself as a democratized innovation model to the societal problem of unemployment resulting from tech expansion.

It offers members a platform to freely contribute their ideas, and vote on both projects and teams. The projects with the most vote are then crowdfunded and when profits are generated, they're split between inventors, team members, and investors. The rest is distributed equally to every single Globe member as a universal basic income (UBI).

This would provide a potential safety net against inevitable technological unemployment, according to the founders.

How Globle works

To achieve its objectives, the Globle platform takes users ideas and concepts through six stages towards actualization.

First is the concept stage where the idea is posted as a new project on Globle. The idea is then validate through upvotes, downvotes and cryptocurrency stakes from the community in the validation stage. After this an election is held for a project lead to implement the idea. Subsequently, planning, crowdfunding and development of the project is carried out.

Profit sharing is done through a system of smart contracts on the blockchain which governs all the democratic processes on Globle's decentralized platform, ensuring complete transparency and incorruptibility.

The Globle Reward System

When profits are generated, a majority is distributed to the inventors, team, and investors. The rest is distributed equally to every single Globle member, in the form of a UBI. Globle will represent a shared economy, owned equally by all its members. Its token ecosystem will consist of three types of tokens, powering the Globle platform:

Globle Coin (GBC): a native and self-stabilized cryptocurrency used as a stable store of value for all transactions occurring on the platform.

Project tokens: security tokens for every project, granting investors governance rights and profit shares.

Globle Token (GBT): Globle's project token, used to generate proceeds to finance Globle's development and ongoing maintenance.

Anyone can create a account and become a Globle member, entirely free of charge.

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