The mention of blockchain technology often draws a vague picture of cryptocurrency and in particular Bitcoin. However, the innovation is finding multiple use cases and the tourism and travel industry is not excluded from the list of industries facing possible eruption. Currently, the blockchain and big data are the most promising technologies in how we combine data and these could have positive changes in how we travel.

AS an immutable record of transactions, blockchain presents an aid of database we can securely make transactions and payments whenever we travel. While this concept is already in place, very are resultantly unique as the following blockchain ICO that could make the future of how you travel.

What Is Gloren?

GLOREN is a blockchain-based platform that aims to provide a better payment service for the tourism and travel world by improvising the immutability of blockchain technology. With such an innovation as the core of the payment system, GLOREN hopes to improve the quality of our tourism by enabling a global secure payment ecosystem.

The integrated global payment service will work through the GLOREN stoken (GLR) which eliminates the need for intermediaries and offers secure transactions for your transportation during travels around the world. Additionally, the platform will provide for development tools and an e-wallet from where users can support their transactions and contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Will Gloren Cryptocurrency For Traveling Anywhere Provide?

The consequences of using GLOREN is bound to have several implications for the tourism and travel sector. Here are the foreseeable gains that could come with using the platform.

GLOREN will offer several modes of transport payment services at the start of their venture. These will include buses, subways, and trains.

  • A seamless payment system that offers transparency on all the records and payment details
  • Data integrity-the idea of a consensus platform means all the payments within GLOREN means there is the validity of the transactions making them accurate, available and trustworthy.
  • Cost reduction-GLOREN promises of one major advantage and that it will offer the same cost regardless of the mode of transport you use for your travels
  • Provision of a payment history thanks to the secure information storing on the blockchain
  • A feedback mechanism where tourist can indicate their reaction to a particular service.
  • Credit-card free payment options which eliminate the issue of fees.

Can Gloren Change Our Traveling?

The GLOREN project lists its initial phase to take the next 3 years in order to achieve full establishment. While this may seem like a long time, it does indicate the delicate manner that GLOREN wants to achieve success within the travel industry. Consequently, this means it is still early to judge the venture but it is worth watching out for it in the future. Ultimately, GLOREN assures every traveler of positive returns and stand to revolutionize the global transport and travel industry.

Gloren GLR Token ICO Details

The GLOREN ICO is already underway with the sale start happening back on April 16th, 2018. The sale stage will end up May 28th, 2018 with the token price standing at 800 GLR tokens for 1ETH. The sale also features a bonus system with three options available carrying a 25%, 12.5% and 50% depending on the number of tokens.

The 300 million GLR tokens will go into the following distribution structure

  • Pre-sale-23.3%
  • Crowd sale-37.7%
  • Company-25%
  • Team-15%

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