GlowEther is yet another cryptocurrency opening itself up to the investments of capitalists all over the world. Operating off of the same blockchain technologies used by Ethereum, the offset of Ether offers users an entirely new decentralized currency in which to invest. This particular cryptocurrency comes with an added mission statement to help to educate the world about the benefits of cryptocurrency.

However, a plethora of questions remain after perusing the GlowEther website. Potential investors should approach the company with skepticism, evaluating the risks as well as the potential rewards that come with any kind of cryptocurrency investment.

This review will introduce the key components of GlowEther and its ICO, providing consumers with the information necessary to make a judgement on the viability of a naturally volatile investment.

What Is GlowEther?

GlowEther is a cryptocurrency based out of Indonesia. Going by the trading abbreviation GTH, GlowEther seeks to be an additional option on the cryptocurrency market. The currency borrows many of its features from the popular currency Ethereum, even going so-far as to borrow part of the Ethereum name for the last part of its title. The use of the Ethereum blockchain as the platform for GlowEther is likely a significant selling point for crypto-investors who approve of the decentralization and democratization of Ethereum’s system.

How GlowEther Cryptocurrency Coin Analysis Works

GlowEther can only be obtained through a privately-owned and secured wallet. The owners of the site are very explicit that potential investors are not to purchase the currency via traditional exchange platforms. They instead recommend My Ether Wallet. The reasoning for this seems to surround the inability of many third-party wallets to “support adding ERC20 custom tokens.”

Additionally, the platform takes advantage of smart contract technology. These innovative contracts are poised to keep the control of any particular economic interaction decentralized, preventing potential abuses before they can occur. This is certainly an alluring prospect for those investors who are well-acquainted with the concept of smart, decentralized contracts.

It is important to note, however, that GlowEther does not seem to offer any truly unique or innovative qualities as a new form of cryptocurrency. The benefits listed on their site include references to smart contracts, transparency, and a limited supply of tokens. While these are certainly good qualities for a currency to possess, these do not seem to constitute any unique selling points to put GlowEther ahead of the immense competition they face.

GlowEther GTH Token ICO Details

The total supply of GlowEther in circulation is said to be 15,000,000 units. However, the amount of GTH that can be sold to investors is determined by a ‘round’ system of investment cycles. In the first round, for example, there will be one million units of GlowEther. This is the round that is live now. Details on the specs for each round of investment can be found on the GlowEther homepage.

The conversion rate is .00004 Ether per GlowEther, and the minimum for the first round is a purchase of 500 GTH; the maximum is 25,000.

GlowEther Conclusion

There is very little substantive information available surrounding the GlowEther cryptocurrency. As the ICO goes live, investors should conduct serious research before considering jumping onto the bandwagon and contributing funds to the currency.


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