Are you interesting in knowing everything about the new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which are going to happen soon? Today we will review Gluon, a new blockchain company which is having an ICO this month.

What Is Gluon?

Gluon is a blockchain company which has the main goal of tokenizing the intelligent connected automotive marketplace. Basically, the company wants to create an ecosystem of cars and automobiles in general in which the users will be able to use a network of vehicles where they can monitor, tune, track and diagnose issues on these cars.

The idea of the company is to continue to upgrade the way in which automobiles are being connected and inserted into a network of vehicles. By using the technology of the blockchain and artificial intelligence, the company intends to create a marketplace in which the users can automate some functions of the maintenance of their vehicles.

Sameet Misson is the founder and the CEO of Gluon, he is a skilled executive with years of experience working both with the automotive and the technology market. The other founder of the company, which is its current president, is Hakam Misson. And finally, we have Narinder Bejwa and Stuart Hockman, other two founders of the company.

How Does Gluon Connected Automotive Marketplace Work?

The Gluon platform is composed by the cloud platform, the internet of things, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The platform can be installed on the car via a chip which is made by the company. The chip is installed on the car and then these features can be used at the user’s will.

The individuals who use this system will be able to connect their vehicles with many businesses like their manufacturers or repair shops which will be on the Gluon network. The owner of the car will also be able to use the platform to buy parts for its cars and to get software subscriptions from the company’s site.

This way, the customers will be able to diagnose their cars in real time. Not only that, but they will also be able to receive support from these companies. All the information will be stored on the blockchain forever, so this service will also help the clients to manage their cars and the modifications that they suffer.

The consumer will also be able to tune their cars to improve their overall performance and to regulate their use using this platform. The repair shops can also use the tech of this company to make the cars more efficient using this company’s system. The clients will be able to pay for the services using fiat currency of the cryptocurrency created by the company.

The company has been developing its systems and its platform since 2015 and it intends to launch its official version until the end of 2018.

How To Invest In Gluon GLU ICO Details?

If you want to invest in Gluon, you will have your chance at the upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which is currently being planned by the company. The ICO will start on March 27 and it will last about a month. The price of the tokens will $0.10 USD per token.

Most of the funds received in the ICO will be used on Research and Development and marketing. The rest will be spent on administration costs and legal expenses. About two thirds of the total tokens will be sold during the ICO.

Gluon Verdict

Is Gluon a good investment for you? If you have a car and you want to use the systems developed by this company to link your car to a network and be able to use the features promised by Gluon, then this can be a great investment for you. You will be able to pay for upgrades and services paying almost nothing, which will be an amazing investment on your vehicle.

Even if you are only wanting to get a great return on investment, this company seems to be made by people who really know the market very well and are very experienced, so it will most likely be a company which will get great results and, therefore, a great return on investment for the people who decided to back their business during the upcoming ICO.

The choice is all yours but we advise you to invest in this company if you are interested because you will probably regret your decision if you decide not to invest in Gluon at this time. The tokens of the company are pretty cheap at the moment, so this is the perfect time for you to invest and get your profit later.

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