The modern world has a number of environmental problems. Most of these problems are due to one-sided tech development. Few project focus on possibilities of reasonable co-evolution of both technologies and environmental spheres.

There is an urgent need for noospheric technologies that helps in sustainable development and Grow & Mine is providing just that.

About Grow & Mine

Grow & Mine is a startup technobiosis project which amalgamates understanding of nature and high technologies which leads to increased energy efficiency of the system and the environmental friendliness of production. In a nutshell, the Grow & Mine project is an agricultural and cryptocurrency investment simultaneously. Mining for cryptocurrencies create significant by-thermal energy and they want to harness the heat for growing products all year round.

Advantages of Grow & Mine

Over other cloud miners:

  • The electricity is available for a cheap price of $0.04 per kWh.
  • Government provides Special Economic Zone for industrial purposes.
  • With an annual temperature of 1 degree Celsius, climate in Serbia is ideal for mining.
  • They use thermal energy which gives a high level of energy efficiency.
  • They have one of the best ratio of cost of mining contract to the hashrate.

Over other agricultural products:

  • The assimilate an environmentally friendly production.
  • They incorporate the latest development in the Biotechnology world.
  • The process is automated which makes it more energy efficient and utilises as little manual labour as possible.
  • Year round mining without a significant increasr in the cost of production in cold climates.

Grow & Mine tokens

Denoted as GNM these tokens will follow standard ERC20 and function on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure a convenient and transparent crowdfunding operations. During the ICO, at least 20 tokens have to be purchased, which equals $50. Only ETH is accepted as a method of payment.

The hard cap for the token sale is $2 million and the soft cap is $300,000. 87% of the token will be placed for sale to investors, 10% goes to the project team and 3% goes for their Bounty program.

Tokens can be utilized in three ways:

  • It enables the token holder to deploy mining hardware inside the Gmine project.
  • It gives opportunity to subscribe to the supply of fresh and healthy food at cheap costs.
  • Enables to install the equipments for a 20% discount.

The ICO sale of GNM starts on March 19, 2018 and will be held over a period of 42 days in 3 stages.

  • The first stage starts on March 19 and goes on till March 26. Investors in this stage will be awarded a bonus of 10%.
  • Second stage will have a bonus of 5% and will be held from March 26 to April 9.
  • The third stage will not have any bonus and will be held between April 9 and April 30.

The purchased tokens will be credited to participants in their personal account within a week from the end of the ICO. The tokens can be withdrawn to any Ethereum wallet and can be easily deposited into your personal account. All tokens used to activate the mining contracts or to subscribe for food delivery subscription will subsequently be burnt.

Grow & Mine In Conclusion

Grow & Mine is doing a much needed task of taking efforts to focus on sustainable growth. As the mining activities for cryptocurrency takes a lot of heat from the media, products like Grow & Mine are an answer to it.

You can read more about the product and their token on their website .

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